I’m Mantist Oryem, founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion. If you always wanted to start your own passion business in the online space but unsure where to start, you landed on the right place.
My focus is to empower and encourage entrepreneur minded individuals like yourself to start and build a successful passion business of their own!

Assuming you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey and just not sure where to start. I have lay out a simple path to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey FAST!



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  • Understand how you did it so that you can repeat it again.
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Here is the truth about building a successful passion business:


It is impossible to achieve the greatest results you are looking for in life without first having a plan (or path) to get there. The five steps in the Path to Freedom outlined below are the only way to achieve success in any business or life.

The following are SOME Frequently Asked Questions.

(Feel free to browse through to see if your questions been answered)

Why do I care so much about doing this stuff?
Fear and obligation lock millions of people to live a life of misery and frustration. Millions of men and women right now are going to school to study a subject not because they are passionate about but because of obligation from their parents, friends and society. Millions are stuck in a dead end jobs. Millions will go to their graves without living their passion and dreams because of fear. F.E.A.R – Fault evident appearing real. 
Let me ask you the same question I’ve asked myself about 5 years ago.

Whose obligation are you waking up to everyday?

My solely desire is to empower and encourage individuals who feel like they’re not living their passion and dreams.

If you feel unhappy and frustrated because you’re not achieving the level of success you desire, you’re not alone.

I remembered 5 years ago how unhappy and frustrated I was with my life.

I couldn’t help but wondered why I was always living life of quiet desperation.

I’ve promise myself that, one of this days, if I turn my life around, I’ll make it my sole purpose to share it with the world and impact as many lives as I can.

That was 5 years ago. Certainly, things are different for me now. And I am on a mission to fulfill that promise.

I hope you will be one of those people I’ll impact their lives.


Fair question. If you don’t care and just want to get started with building your successful online business, go straight to Start Your Entrepreneur Journey section to get started with your 100% FREE 7-DAY TRAINING.

There’s always a story behind every story. Mine started back in 1993. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I had a very disturbing beginning. In fact, I shouldn’t even be alive.

I appreciate your time. Thank you for being here.
I am your friend in success. I would love to hear your story. How the entrepreneur journey is going for you. What I can do to help you grow and build a successful passion business. I do my best to respond to each and every person who reach out to me. Inside the Get Paid Living Your Passion, there would be many ways to communicate with me. 
Grow, Love and Live Life The Passion Way. _ Mantist Oryem