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    Mantist Oryem

    I am the head of a mentorship initiative dedicated to empowering individuals under the age of 35 who are refugees and migrants. Our primary mission is to provide unwavering support as they navigate the path towards realizing their dreams and aspirations.

    What’s All About?

    GPLYP is all about empowering individuals with knowledge and information to guide them toward success. This initiative takes the form of a coaching and mentoring program.

    I always ask myself: How can we begin where we are and elevate ourselves to achieve our dreams and aspirations?

    Here is the good news…
    What separate the poor, the working class and the wealthy is just a lack of information, not a lack of talent.

    That is great news because anyone can choose to become a student for success at any point in their lives, and if they commit to that journey, their entire world can transform for the better within five years.
    And that’s what is all about.

    Empowering individuals with knowledge and information that informs, prepares and equips them to succeed.

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    My passion

    My passion is empowering people with knowledge and information that inform, prepare, and equip them to WIN in life.

    Mantist Oryem


    My life mission

    My life mission is to aspire & develop 1000,000+ broken men into powerful leaders of men so they can break the circle  




    Mantist life journey in a nutshell

    I can sum up my 34-year life journey so far in 3 different phases…3 different dominant state of mind I experience:

    1993 – 2003

    I was living in refugee camps. That whole 10 years, my life can be sum up in one word:

    2004 – 2014

    2004, migrated to Australia & started a new life. This 2nd 10 years of my life can be sum up in another one word:

    2015 – Date

    This part of the 3rd decades, my life can be sum up in 2 words


    My Story:

    I came in Australia back in 2004 as a refugee migrant with nothing but a suitcase and a dream.
    Sort of like a backpacker but with zero money. And nothing was going for me.
    Looking back, until I was 25, my life was really a nightmare.
    I had zero money. I couldn’t speak any English. I had zero marketable skill. Terrible self image. And almost next to nothing self confidence.
    In a word, I was right at the bottom of all citizens. And the only way forward was up.

    Rewind back.

     I was born in South Sudan…a war torn country for generations.
    I spent 10 years of my childhood in refugee camps…barely surviving. Would I eat today? Would I be safe today type thing. That was my daily state of mind.
    Raise by a single mum with no father power.
    My father died in action when I was only 2…fighting for what I’ve been fighting for basically most of my life FREEDOM. And that’s my background.
    As I think back, nobody could have guess…not even myself that one day I would be a success.

    Here are list of some of my accomplishment over the last few years

      • Founder of Mantistic Productions
      • Founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion
      • Music Producer and spoken word poet –
      • Major in Audio and Film productions with SAE qantm
      • Diploma in Community Development
      • Certificate Five in Business Management
      • Performed in many Brisbane festivals such as the Brisbane Festival and the Zillmere Multicultural Festival
      • Headlined for World Refugee Community Day Festival with a turnout of 13,000 plus people
      • Performed in many small festivals such as Youth Day Festival and World Aids Day Festival, and many clubs, pubs, birthday parties, schools, and more
      • Been featured in many magazines and newspaper articles: such as The Courier Mail, MX, City News, Scene Magazine, The Chronicle, and more
      • Appeared on many radio stations (where my music was played or I was interviewed) such as ABC Coast FM, ABC Radio, SBS Radio radio, 4ZZZ and more
      • Released 3 original music albums and 1 spoken word album
      • Sold 25,000 hard and digital copies of his albums
      • Facilitated dozen of music and spoken words workshops
      • Finalist in Australian Poetry Slam 2011
      • Winner of Griffith University short film most outstanding male performance
      • Qmusic song Award finalist 2008 and 2009
      • Early careers in sales and IT Engineering
      • Over 150,000 plus followers on his online platforms

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