Do you want to escape from a dead-end job and build a pipeline of ongoing residual income?

We’ll show you how you can take advantage of the greatest leveraging platform – the Internet – to create yourself ongoing residual income in order to take control of your personal & financial life.

The great thing is, you can start building your asset-based business part-time, in the evenings and weekends, until gradually, it produces enough income for you to choose to walk out of your dead-end job and build it full-time!

In other words, you build it outside your full-time job. And we'll be there to guide you all along the way!

Here are the top 4 traits & characteristics so that you can have a feel to the type of mindset that we are looking to bring into the team.


1. Do whatever it takes mindset with a positive mental attitude.

I personally want guys who want to work as hard as I am.  I am relentless in my own pursued of excellent in the achievement of my goals and dreams.

And we expect you to do the same.


2. Be purpose driven & develop the habit of taking your eyes off yourself onto impacting other people.

I am passionate with empowering and equiping people to experience personal growth and prosperity by helping them to reach their full potential. We expect you to fall in love with serving people.

3. Focus On Future Possibilities NEVER on Today or yesterday Failures and Setbacks.

I made a decision & commitment to always see the future better than my past no matter what circumstances I am going through.

This is a decision you want to make for your own benefits.


4. Teachable and Open To Life Long Improvement & Learning.

I am always aggressively pursuing self-improvement. I hold myself to the highest standard in pursue of excellence.

And we expect you to do the same.


The Potential Outcome We focus On Are: IMPACT! INFLUENCE! WEALTH! HOPE!



We have a platform where you can create IMPACT in people lives.

We’re making IMPACT in people lives through personal development, leadership development & getting you to challenge yourself to strive and reach your full potential through holistic mentorship.



Through our mentorship program, you can grow into becoming influential figure.

You can grow into influential figure and create influence through one on one coaching & mentorship.



You can become financially independent & create wealth.

You can learn how to create asset-based income and become financially free. You can create real wealth that you can pass on to your next generation.



Through our platform, you can tap into the mindset of highly successful people & opportunity to own your own business at low cost & low risk.

We give you hope by providing a platform where you can tap into the mindset of successful people & you get an opportunity for you to own your own business even when you currently don’t have a lot of time, money or business skills.


Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Personal & Financial Life?

You can. it’s simple. Find out how!

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  1. Jake says:

    I am very excited to be offered a chance to be coach and mentored by all of you guys. Great to be part of the vision10,000.

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