I will be your reliable business Coach…



    I will be your reliable business Coach in designing your business plan


    We’ll engage alongside you in planning and crafting your business plan in your start up phase. 

    Leveraging our experience and expertise will save you  time, money and feeling of frustration and help you fast track your business success journey. 

    1. Help in designing of your business plan:

          • Helping you create your business blueprint
          • Helping you create what we called “Power Hook”
          • Helping you develop vision
          • Helping you under go SWOT analysis
          • Helping you Identify your business values and standard
          • Helping you define your purpose/mission statement

    2. Set Business Goals To Give Focus.

        • Helping you identify key success factor
        • Helping you create action plans
        • Helping you identify high value activities for your business

    3. Bring your brand to life effectively.

      • Learn how to leverage social media effectively.
      • Tip on creating effective website and other marketing materials
      • We get to look at your business idea and work on it from the ground up what image you want to be known by. 

    4. Digital Marketing.

    Make a suggestion on effective marketing strategy.

    5. Access to Business Concepts:

    Access to 50 money making business concepts to help you diversify your income.

    (Took over 50+ invested hours to research, collect and organise the ideas.

    Value over $1000+. You get access for free.)

    6. Time Management: 

    Develop a system to automate your life and increase your productivity ten folds.

    7. Ask unlimited questions during your coaching engagement period.

    8. Exclusive access to Mantistic Productions services at a special discount.

    30% OFF

    END 90-DAYS 

    Here are list of some of my accomplishment over the last few years

      • Founder of Mantistic Productions
      • Founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion
      • Music Producer and spoken word poet – Mantistmusic.com
      • Major in Audio and Film productions with SAE qantm
      • Diploma in Community Development
      • Certificate Five in Business Management
      • Performed in many Brisbane festivals such as the Brisbane Festival and the Zillmere Multicultural Festival
      • Headlined for World Refugee Community Day Festival with a turnout of 13,000 plus people
      • Performed in many small festivals such as Youth Day Festival and World Aids Day Festival, and many clubs, pubs, birthday parties, schools, and more
      • Been featured in many magazines and newspaper articles: such as The Courier Mail, MX, City News, Scene Magazine, The Chronicle, and more
      • Appeared on many radio stations (where my music was played or I was interviewed) such as ABC Coast FM, ABC Radio, SBS Radio radio, 4ZZZ and more
      • Released 3 original music albums and 1 spoken word album
      • Sold 25,000 hard and digital copies of his albums
      • Facilitated dozen of music and spoken words workshops
      • Finalist in Australian Poetry Slam 2011
      • Winner of Griffith University short film most outstanding male performance
      • Qmusic song Award finalist 2008 and 2009
      • Early careers in sales and IT Engineering
      • Over 150,000 plus followers on his online platforms


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