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Thousands upon thousands of people all over the world are becoming wealthy on the Internet like nothing ever been seen or heard of in the history of the world.

  • We have kids, as young as 6, becoming millionaire on the Internet.
  • We have 16 year old kids with pimples on their faces starting their Internet business from their parents’ basement and becoming millionaire on the Internet.
  • We have college dropped out becoming billionaires on the Internet 
  • We have single mum with no hope and almost living on the street becoming millionaire on the Internet
  • We have guys like myself who flee from a war torn, a product of refugee camps with no English, no computer skills and at one point, living on a $40 a month budget, today making $1000+ weekly on the Internet.

These are just few among thousands of stories where ordinary individuals who are no smarter or better than you choose to take advantage of this ‘Internet Gold Rush.’ And it’s only getting started.

I  am here to urge you to jump on board and learn how you too can secure your financial future in this Gold Rush called, The Internet.
I am going to show you exactly how I am making over $1000+ weekly on the Internet outside my full-time profession. How in just 18 months or less, you can start to do the same or better.
Imagine the peace of mind you will have when you don’t have to rely only on your 9-5 job income because you choose to create multiple source of income on the side.
Think about it. You could lose your job tomorrow. 
But at least you will have the freedom and confidence of knowing that, even  when you found yourself without a job for whatever reason, you and your family would still be financially okay.
So, start digging your well before you’re thirsty.
We’re here to help you by showing you how. We will map out a clear road map to success for you to follow in building your Internet business.
You do not even need to quit your job to do it. You can do it on the side just like thousands of other people are doing it.
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When you sign up, you are going to be guided on a 7-DAYS entrepreneurial journey for FREE to help you learn how I set up my own successful online businesses.

Here is what you get from this programs:

Day 1

How to build a successful passion business in the online space.

Here, you will learn “how to build a successful passion business in the online space”. In other word, we will answer the question, what does it really takes to build a successful passion business in the online space.


Understanding online market.

In understanding online market, we cover the tools (vehicle) you need to be able to build your successful passion business in the online space.

You also learn about the 7 stages to a Good & profitable Sales funnel and explained different terminologies in the online market.


How the poor, the rich & the wealthy make money in our society.

 On day 3, we answer the question, how the poor, the rich and the wealthy earn their income in our society.

We will give you a real life examples and scenarios so that you can see how simple it is for you to start thinking and acting like the top 10% do.


Setting Up Your Online Business!

Here we break down few characteristics of building a business in the online space versus a traditional offline business model. You get to see why building your business in the online space is more attractive and ideal.  We also going to set up your entire online business step by step. I will be walking you step by step and click by click how I set up my online business. We will select the tools and you will see how everything come to completion. 


Traffic & value marketing.

Here we look at the different type of traffic available at your disposal. We also look at how to convert some of those quality leads or people into your potential buyers for your online business. We look at the important of value marketing.

By the end of day 5, you should be well equip with knowledge about traffic and value marketing. 


Connecting the dots.

On DAY-6, we will review briefly everything we covered in the last 5 days.

P.S – If you commit to follow along with precision focus, by this day, you would be feeling more confident, excited and certain about building your online business. You should begin to see how the dot points connect together.


Graduation day.

DAY-7 is graduation day. On this day, I have some awesome surprises treat for you.

Here you get a chance to send me any questions or concern you may have and I will personally answer them for you.

Who Is Mantist Oryem?

A Music Producer || Poet || Founder Of GetPaidLivingYourPassion.Com

My main passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self-confidence to pursue their true passion and dreams.

I am very passionate about entrepreneurship because I believe entrepreneurship put you in the driver seat to your destiny which I believe is everyone goals.

I’ve learned very quickly living in this country that, if you don’t learn to make money work for you, you will work for money for the rest of your life.

I’ve also realised, the BIGGEST mistake you can make is relying your entire future on your 9-5 job income alone. 

FACT: 80% of people who worked 40hrs per week, 40 weeks per year for 40 years at a 9-5 job, retired with not enough money at age 65. Those were my wake up calls. 

My entrepreneurial journey started 4 years ago. I was a 25 year old starving artist living from pay cheque to pay cheque with less than $1000 in my bank account. 

I’ve just started dating this beautiful Italian lady with expensive taste.

I remembered when we dated for about 4 months or so, she came to me and said, “You know, my mum said, you should take me to nice restaurant some time.” I was like, thank you very much for going to your mum behind my back.

In her defends, the nicest restaurant I took her up until then was Nando and grill burger shops. She’s from a rich upbringing and refused to settle for less.

Today, she is the mother of my son, my best friend and my biggest supporter in the world. They’re the reason I wake up early in the morning and working late into the night.

I was basically working to pay bills and was struggling to save as little as $200 a month. I knew if I didn’t do something different, I would end up among the 80% who spend all their working years with nothing to show for it. The thought scared the hell out of me.

Mantist & Micol

The first goal for me was to bring my partner home and take care of all her financial needs and wants.

Today, I am happy that she’s home full-time raising our son. 

The second goal for me was to create multiple source of incomes so that I do not rely only on my 9-5 job income. 

I wanted the freedom and confidence of knowing that, even  when I found myself without a job for whatever reason, we would still be financially okay.

Today, I have created several sources of income which give me a great sense of personal freedom and peace of mind.                      

Here are some of my entrepreneurial ventures:  

Music Production.

12 Month Mentorship Program.  

Music Albums & Performance

Plus an E-Commerce business & bunch of affiliate marketing stuffs.

Now, my mission is helping aspiring entrepreneurs build alternative incomes from homes without the need to quit what they’re currently doing.

If that’s you, Sign up now for our 100% FREE 7-DAY TRAINING… 

  • We will show you why you should NEVER rely on your 9-5  job alone.
  • We will show you how to start your entrepreneurial venture with as little as $100 with unlimited income earning potential.
  • We will show you how you can do it without the need to quit your current job or study.
  • You don’t even need to have a prior business experience because our private coaching and mentorship program is design to give you all the personal growth & business skills you need to succeed!

If You Commit, The Next 7 Days, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again! 

Even when you currently don’t have much:

1. Time

2. Money

3. Business skills

4. Self believe

Reality Check: On Scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate the quality of your life? 

American wealth coach and self made millionaire Robert Kiyosaki in one of his best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, explain that, in our society today, there are 3 group of people. 3 different ways of living and each of us fit into one of those. Let’s go through them real quick.

Group 1

Fear & Despair

The 1st group of people live a life full of fear and despair. These group of people have nothing going their way. Their lives is basically going down the drain with too many issues and factors. These are the people who can’t cope with life on their own. So, they need help from family member or government to cope with life.
This was the story of my life when I was in refugee camps. For 10 years, we needed help and support for us to survive and cope with life.
This by far, is the worst group to be in. Wouldn’t you agree?

Group 2

Anger & Frustration

The 2nd group of people live their lives in anger & frustration. These group of people have a good job but can not afford to quit. They know that, if they stop working, the world they live in would come crashing down. They live in what we called survival mode. This is not a pleasant way of living because your head is just above the water. With just a little pull, you would drowned. The pull could be you lost your job or you got sick that you’re not able to work. Whatever the situation. That’s why this group live a life full of anger and frustration

Group 3

Peace, Joy, Freedom

The 3rd group of people live their live in joy, peace and freedom. These group of people live with the peace of mind of knowing that, regardless whether they work or don’t work, they have income coming in from many, many sources called Passive income.

And they live in the best neighbourhood. Send their kids to the best school. They get to travel in some of the best places in the world. They get the best health care service, They live longer and they live life on their own terms.

Of those 3 groups, which group do you identify yourself with?

If you identify yourself with group 1 or 2, the program will open your mind on how you can move to the 3rd group of people who live the live of peace, joy and freedom. 
Take advantage of these 100% FREE 7-DAY training programs starting now – no matter how much or little online business experience you currently have.

Take action now and fill out this form to start your training immediately:


Final thought to get you thinking. Do you see yourself getting financially free doing what you are doing or you are just paying the bills?

The following article was a wake up call for me when I first read it 4 years ago and it has been a wake up call for 100s of people we shown it to.

I don’t know about you but when I came across the following article, I realise quickly that, my 9-5 job would NEVER going to lead to personal and financial FREEDOM. In short, I was just working for covering bills. When you know the truth and are willing to do something about it, the truth will set you FREE!  Thank God I’ve made a decision to have a plan B 4 years ago.

Do you relate to this 500 professionals?

Time Magazine’s Cover Story Highlighted The Price Paid For Successful Careers:

61% of 500 professionals said that “earning a living today requires so much effort that it’s difficult to find time to enjoy life”.
89% said it was important for them to spend more time with their families, something that their careers made difficult.
38% said that they were cutting back on sleep to earn more money.
69% said they’d like to “slow down and live a more relaxed life”.
56% wanted to find more time for personal interests and hobbies.

REMEMBER: For Thing To Change For You, You Must Be Willing To Change! (Take Action Now To Secure Your Financial Future)


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I am passionate about many things that I love to BE! DO! & HAVE.

One of my main passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self confident to pursue their true passion and dreams.

My mission is to help improve the financial lives of 1 million+ aspiring entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship.

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