Welcome To Your Step-By-Step FREE 7-DAY Training!

Thanks for requesting access to building your own online business outside your 9-5 job.
I am so glad you decided to take the first step in taking control of your personal and financial life.

I am Mantist Oryem.
I will be your host and your coach throughout this 7-Day training series.

Over the cause of our time together, I would like to show you something that most people don’t even realise it’s an option.
I would like to show you how to make real money by doing something you already do and love to do. Doing something that you always done and doing something that you will do forever.

One of my 7 figures earning mentor once said, “Knowing where the market is going is one thing. Profiting on that knowledge is another.”

As consumers continue to transition their buying habit to the online marketplace, companies and individuals that have the greatest strategic plan are in advantage to capture the largest shares profit.

This FREE 7-Day training is design to show you how I am earning over $1000+ weekly on the Internet outside my 9-5 profession and how you too can do the same without the need to quit your current priority. 


P.S: We’ve found that, most people are continually frustrated working at a unfulfilling job just to pay bills. But not you. Today, you have made a decision to learn a set of skills that would set you apart from the norm so that you can create multiple source of incomes that would give you options and peace of mind. And this program is going to show you how.



This 7 days free program specifically designed to help you:


Set up your online business from scratch.

Choose something you’re passionate about.
Create an information product about that something you’re passionate about or promote already existed products that you’re passionate about as an affiliate. (More on this later)


Start earning a commission online (real money) even if you have never made a dime online before.

selling other people products & services that you are passionate about.
Selling your own product that you are passion about.


Understand how you did it so that you can do it over and over again.

(“Give a man fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will eat for a life time’s concept)


Scale and diversify your incomes.

Learn how to go from depending only on one single source of income to creating multiple sources of incomes.


Develop yourself as a brand like Oprah Winfrey

Become an authority in the market place and triple your incomes by starting teaching other people how to do what you learn how to do.


Your Personal Breakthrough Declaration Form.

Here is your assignment before we start to go deeper.

Download a PDF declaration form to declare your commitment to building your dream and passion business. Print it up, fill it and place it on your bathroom wall or somewhere you can see everyday.

IMPORTANT: Since I can not make you do what you don’t want to do, I can only hope you do what you’re asked or recommended to do for the sake of your own success.
Because, each day and each assignment is a building block toward building your successful online business.


Tomorrow, we will cover “how to build a successful passion business in the online space”. In other word, we will answer the question, what does it really takes to build a successful online business.

All that will be reveal in our DAY-1 session tomorrow.

Make sure you do your assignment and join us tomorrow as we move forward step by step how you can build a successful and profitable online business.

IMPORTANT: A link of each training will be send to you via your primary email you sign up with. Make sure to check your email tomorrow.

I am passionate about many things that I love to BE! DO! & HAVE.

One of my main passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self confident to pursue their true passion and dreams.

My mission is to help improve the financial lives of 1 million+ aspiring entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship.