Day 1: How To Build An Online Business

Welcome to your first day in your exciting breakthrough journey.
Today we will cover “how to build an online business”.
In other word, we will answer the question, what does it really takes to build a successful online business.
The first question that everyone that start their online venture has is, what does it really take to build a successful online business?
To answer that question, let’s first clarify the following 4 important points.

4 important points!

1. Have a clear understanding what it takes to build a profitable online business.
2. Clearly identify your financial target/goal.
3. Clearly identify what you are personally willing to give in return for what you want.
4. Mental readiness. Develop a winning state of mind. (understand that you will never attain or achieve what you’re not willing to do. )
Zig Ziggler said, “You must first be before you can do. You must do before you can have”.
So, with that ideas in mind, let’s go ahead and look at how you can build a successful online business.


To demonstrate this, let’s get completely elementary.
Let’s look at how you build a house.
When you want to build a house:
1. first thing in your mind is, what kind of a house. Is it a small family house or a big family house?
Is it a 2 bedrooms or a 5 bedrooms?
You will have what we refer to as a vision for the house. Matter fact, you can even see the finish house, how it would look like when it’s finally finish in the mirror of your mind. Similarly, if you want to build a successful online business, you too must have a vision for your online business. You gotta have a blueprint to follow.
2. Secondly, Tools/materials: What kind of tools and materials you need for the house?
What do you need when you’re building a house?
You need brick, timber, Electrical systems and equipment etc.
Same thing here. To build a successful online business, you need tools too.
What do you need to start? You need access to a computer, internet connection, you need a website, etc.
3. Thirdly, you gotta decide whether you are going to build the house yourself or hire someone else to build the house for you.
Same with building your online business. There are some stuff that you may want to outsource to someone else to do it for you to save you the late work.
4. Finally, take all the steps and actually build the house of your dream from foundation up until you complete the house.
With that in mind, next time I say, we need this tools, make sure you go get it or game over for you.
Let’s clarify one thing here. I can not make you do anything you don’t want to do same as no one can make me do anything I don’t want to do. All I can do is suggest what I know and believe is required for you to build a successful online business because am personally doing it. Every tools and ideas I share and recommend to you here, I personally doing it and following it.
If you want to succeed in building your online business, you may just have to take my words for it and go with it.


To summarize, for you to start building your online business into a profitable and successful business, you must:


Know where you are – (clarify your life)

E.g, your strength, weakness, opportunity and threat
You got to know how much you have in the bank, where your knowledge and limitation are.


Know where you want to go – ( Have a specific goal. )

If your primary goal is money, know exactly how much money you want. The exact amount. What you want the money for. And what you are willing to put out for it attainment.


Strategy: (Quickest way to get to your goal.)

This is where the power of leverage comes into play
E.g, Do you need to start a brand new online business from scratch or leverage already proven existing business module?
Do you need to go to school to learn all the skills you need from scratch or simply find a mentor who already been where you want to go.


Know where you are – (clarify your life.)

Find a product or services that convert and sale rapidly to the bigger share markets.


Take Persistence Action. (Never give up no matter what setbacks come your way.)

Nothing happens until we take action.
Create or follow a proven system how to get your product to the buyers with limited effort possible.

That brings us to the end of DAY 2.


Your assignment for today is to go answer the following 5 questions:
1. What do you want your life to be like 1, 5, 10, 20 years from now?
2. What do you want that for? In other word, why do you want you’re ‘it’ that way for?
Think in term of how you want to feel! think! And Act!
3. How are you planning to get that?
4. What are the prices you have to pay to get that?
5. Have you resolved to pay that price?

NOTE: If you are not crystal clear with the answers to the 5 questions, do not even start what you want to start.

NEXT: Tomorrow, We’ll cover understanding online market.

Tomorrow, we will cover “how to build a successful passion business in the online space”. In other word, what does it really takes to build a successful passion business in the online space. 
 All that will be reveal in our next session tomorrow. Make sure you do your assignment and join us tomorrow as we move forward step by step how to build your passion business.

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