Day 2: Understanding Online Business Market

Welcome to second day of your path to building a profitable and successful passion business.
I hope you did your assignment by putting in the time to answer the 5 life clarity questions I’ve given you.
It’s dead important that you do your homework to be able to truly guarantee your potential of building a successful passion business in the online space.

Every assignment and training is a building block for you to bring everything together to completion.

Let's Get Started With Day 2 Training:

In understanding online market, we want to briefly cover the tools (vehicle) you need to be able to build a successful online business.

When you first come into the online space, you will start to rapidly and repeatedly hear some terminology such as affiliate marketer, affiliate network. Landing page or opt-in page, sales funnel, website, traffic, niches, auto-responder, digital products, PPC or pay per click, commissions, etc.

Don’t let those terminology scared you. As much as doctors and other professional industries has their own jargon, so is the online space. And once you got involved in it, you will become a master of using it.

Let’s cover them briefly.

FACT: Did you know that, 85% of the marketers in the online space are making real money selling other people products? Some of this guys make 5, 6 even 7 figures income selling other people products without ever developing their own products. We refer to them as affiliate marketer.
With that in mind, let’s define affiliate marketer:
Affiliate marketer is someone who promote/send traffic, traffic is just another words for people. Send traffic to an affiliate Network’s products or services and as a result he/she get a commission (a certain % pay) for every transaction made from the traffic he/she send.
Affiliate network on the other hands are company that display & provide access to products or services to an affiliate marketer.
Think of affiliate network as a store warehouse where affiliates marketers or advertisers go to pick products they wants to promote and generate commission from. You see how they are all coming together.

Now while you are working on your own passion products, if you wants to start generate money quick, you may wants to become an affiliate marketer by selling other people products,
You can start to make money very fast as an affiliate marketer because everything already been set up for you ready to go. All you need is to send traffic and once some of those traffic convert into leads and sales, you make money.

Once you understand what an affiliate marketer and affiliate network is, next you need to understand what a sale funnel is.
So, what is a sale funnel? A sale funnel is basically a marketing system that leads someone through a systematic process with the goal of buying your products or service.

7 stages to a Good & profitable Sales funnel:

There are 7 stages to a good & profitable sales funnel:
Think of this as your 7 figure income blueprint. Because you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars following this simple system.
This is the big picture and how you are going to position yourself for a massive success in your online business.
Your 7 figure blueprint is really your money making pipe line.
This is how it looks in words:

1. You get traffic or people to come to your website. Your landing or opt-in page.

2. You turn a stranger into a prospects by getting them to give you their email address or phone

3. Once they opt-in with their email or phone numbers, you follow up with a message that match what they opt-in for.

4. You then communicate to your leads by sending a sequence of messages (What you send them is something of a high value. (This also help build trust)

5. You convert them into a customer (presenting them the ability to buy great digital/information products

6. You keep them happy and loyal by providing them with consistent massive value ( Create more profit)

7. You pretty much rinse and repeat the process from the top down.

It’s really is as simple as that. By following this proven turn key formula, your online business is going to explode in a very short period of time.

This is what a sale funnel looks like:


To summarise, we have covered the 7 stages to a Good & profitable Sales funnel and explained different terminologies in the online market.

We basically clear the edge and hopefully made you understand the online market and how you can start to go from point A to point B fast.


That brings us to the end of DAY 2.

ASSIGNMENT FOR DAY 2 - Your assignment for today is to:


Come up with at least 10 ideas for how you want to call your online business.

What we want by the next day when we start setting up your online business, we want you to have a unique domain name for your website. 
That’s right, website is one of the tools you need to have. But don’t worry, it can only cost you the cost of 3 cups of coffee.
NOTE: When you’re brainstorming on ideas of a good domain name, think of the following key elements that make a good domain name.
Your domain name need to be short, catchy and memorable. No more than 5 words. 3 or less is better.
It’s need to be easy to type and spell
Use power words. The domain name itself need to send a message about your business.


Decide and choose 10 products you're passionate about that you’re going to promote.

Every business has one thing in common. They all have a product or services to sell.
Here are some questions to help you pick a products or service:
Do you know exactly what you’re selling? (what is that something you’re passionate about)?
Is it a good products or service?
Have you personally used it? If not, would you buy it yourself – Never promote or sell something you don’t believe in and personally won’t buy or use yourself) In other words, only promote what you’re passionate about.

You might be passionate about health & fitness. So, your choice of products could be nutrition & supplement. This is just example.

I hope the 30 questions from Day 1 training has help you get clear on what your passion are.

NEXT: Tomorrow, We’ll look at how money & wealth are created in our society!

Tomorrow, we will break down and look at how money is made in our society and why some people move far ahead financially than other people. And how you can start to think and act like the rich and the wealthy of our society so that you can start to create similar results.
All that will be reveal in our next session tomorrow. Make sure you do your assignment and join us tomorrow as we move forward step by step how to build your online business.

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