Day 4: Setting Up Your Entire Online Business!

Welcome back to day 4. Only people with a burning desire to succeed stick this long to the course. You are taking charge of your life. I promise your determination will pay off BIG in both financial and time freedom. 
Alright, before we start setting up your entire passion business, I want to take this moment to break down few characteristics of building a passion business in the online space versus a traditional offline business model. 
As I mentioned before, If I have to guise, want you want is freedom. “FREEDOM” is the single word that sum it all.
Freedom to control time and money so that you can live your live totally on your terms.
Therefore, you want a business model that gives you that ultimate freedom.
When you compare online business vs traditional business side by side, it’s easy to see that owning a online business would be the smartest move because because of the flexibility that comes with it.

Here Are The Different Between Owning A Online Passion Business VS. Owning A Traditional Business:

Owning A Online Passion Business

  1. No employees 
  2. Set your own hours 
  3. Low start up cost (less than $250 to start) 
  4. No restrictions on territory 
  5. Unlimited income 
  6. Recession-Proof 
  7. Low inventory 
  8. Low overhead 
  9. Residual or passive income           

Owning A Traditional Business:

  1. Employees
  2. 9a.m to 9p.m (six days a week)
  3. High start up cost (Minimum $10,000 to start)
  4. Limited to one location 
  5. Income limited to number of store
  6. Dependent on seasons or economy 
  7. Inventory is biggest expense
  8. Monthly lease plus utilities 
  9. Trade time for dollar
As you can see, the different is obvious  why building your passion business in the online space is more attractive and ideal.
In the last few years, I’ve buried my head down and become a dedicated student of business. I’ve founded, own and run multiple online passion businesses with just my phone, laptop, access to the Internet and passion products and a website.  I’ve spoken with hundreds of highly successful online independent business owners. I’ve read 100s of business books, listened to 1000s of business cds, attended hundreds of business seminars and conferences. I took all that information and discovered a pattern and characteristic of what I referred to as the 5 essential ingredients of a true lifestyle business. For a business to be classified as a true dream business, passion business or lifestyle business, it MUST meet all these five criteria. 

The 5 Essential Ingredients Of A True Lifestyle Business:


Residual income (You do the work once, get paid again and again)


Global Market (You can be in Australia but you’re business is all around the world)


Sellable and scalable (Over time, you have the opportunity to scale your business to unlimited size)


Low investment and low maintenance (Start with as low as $200 or less)


Flexible time (Build on the go or from home-based)

If you can find a business that meets all of these criteria, you’ve got yourself a sure win. And only online business ticks all the boxes.
REMEMBER: A true lifestyle business MUST meet all five criteria. If your business meet four of the five, it’s not longer classified as a true dream or lifestyle business. It would be just another traditional business with few dream business traits. It would be like missing one number when dialling a phone number. By missing that one number, you basically missed your connection. You have to dial the right number to reach the right person. Same thing goes for your dream business. Your passion business. Your lifestyle business. If you missed even one of the essential criteria, you’ll be making the wrong connection.
Alright, we have covered tones and tones of information that should be a blueprint for you to build a strong online business. Most of the information we covered transient just building online business.
It’s the cornerstone of building a successful life.
Alright, roll up your sleeve because we’re about to jump into the fun part.
It’s the moment we have been waiting for. We are about to jump right into the fun stuff, where we can start putting a plan in place to get you to your ideal life FASTER. We want to see you start getting paid living your passion in as short time as 30 to 90 days from here on if you do the work.

Let's Start Setting Up Your Online Business:

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Required tools for setting your online business:

If you want to replace your full-time income and make some serious money online, you need to start thinking like a brand. And for a brand to works, you need tools. 
The following are tools you need so you can create true wealth online. 
We are going to select all the tools and platform you need to start building your brand. In this case, to start placing yourself and business in the online space so people can trust you as a true business.  
These are a MUST have tools. Just as you can’t cut a tree without axe or saw, you can not build your passion business in the online space without these tools.  You can not go forward without them if you’re serious about making it BIG in the online space. I am going to recommend the ones I personally use for my own business.

Here are list of tools we need:






Tracking software


Social media platform (I recommend Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube) to start with.

You might already have your social media accounts set up but I suggest you set one up just for your online business. Time to start branding yourself 🙂
Now let’s go through each of the tools required and how to set them up.
By now, I assume you already have your business name and domain name written down ready to go.
The first one we look at is a website.

#1. A website hosting to register with the domain name you cam up with:

I recommend you go with Siteground.com as your host. I recommend it because I personally host all my website with them.

It’s cheap, easy to use & integrated and it comes with 24/7 support when you need it. 


#1 for hosting website & blogs

Web Hosting


Siteground is the website host I personally use and recommend.

It’s cheap, easy to use & integrated with WordPress flawlessly. 

It comes with 24/7 support from some of the most friendly technical support teams whenever you need it. The speed and the expertise of their support team are legendary. They provide onboarding help, free website transfer and ongoing assistance at any time.

You can use your Siteground account to host multiple domains so there’s no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start multiple website.

For your first website, I highly recommend using Siteground and you can get started now at only $4.95/month, which is an exclusive deal you can only get here!

#2. Auto-responder account setup to collect your leads:


#1 for Building Email List & Creating Landing Pages

I use Getresponse for my autoresponder.

Getresponse is by far my favorite tool for creating high-quality landing pages quickly and easily.

Here are list of why I love Getresponse and why I highly recommend:

  1. Setting up your autoresponder sequence messages with ease.
  2. Create beautiful emails that look great on any device.
  3. Automate entire customer journey based on subscriber data and behavior.
  4. Create, publish and host beautiful, high‑converting landing pages – in minutes.
  5. Increase conversions and engagement rates with a complete webinar marketing solution.
  6. The technical support teams are always ready to help you with any questions you may have 24/7.
  7. It’s affordable 
  8. Come with 30 days free trail so you can get your hands wet and get the feel of it.
Here is a step by step and click by click, tutorial on how to setup your Getresponse account.
As you watch simply follow along.
Make sure you create your account with Getresponse through the link above as we have special agreement to offer special deal just for people going through this training.

Watch the video and follow along for a step by step tutorial on how to create your account with GetResponse.

#3. Tracking software To Track Your Leads


#1 for Tracking & Optimizing All Your Marketing


For tracking software, I use ClickMagick!

ClickMagick is the best tracking software I know of. It’s easy to use, cheap and highly effective. Pack with step by step tutorials and the most friendly support tech on the planet.

Here is why I love ClickMagick & Highly Recommend:

  1. Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  2. Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  3. Add Retargeting To Any Link
  4. 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  5. Fanatical One-On-One Support
  6. A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alerts
  7. Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization
  8. Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)

You will never run your marketing blindly ever again. That would save you BIG money because you will see what’s working and not working and can tweak and change to improve your result. Having tracking software like ClickMagick is critical to the success of your passion business. I highly recommend you get this tool. Best thing to do today is try your 14 days free trail and discover the power for yourself.

Watch the video and follow along for a step by step tutorial on how to create your account with ClickMagick.

#4. Decide On Your Social Media Platform

Finally. decide which social media platform you want to sign up for. My recommendation is to start with not more than four. I suggested before, start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. They are the BIG daddy. 
I am not going to go through how to set them up as I’m sure you are pretty familiar with them and they’re self explanatory. 
That is it my friend. You got your tools. And you complete the set up. It’s time to talk traffic and run that traffic so you can start to make your first commission. 
Remember, in business 80% is marketing and 20% is products/services.
You must become exceptionally excellent in marketing. The good news is, it’s a learnable skills.

My recommended social media:

Social media platform (I recommend Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube) to start with.


I believe you already know how to create those social media accounts on your own. So, go ahead and create those accounts.


Let’s look at what we have done so far. If you are following along every step of the way, then, you should have:

Your domain registered
created a auto-responder with Getresponse
And you have created your first campaign
Your first landing page done
Created your tracker account with ClickMagic

You are so close to start seeing the dollar sign from your passion business.

That brings us to the end of DAY 4.

ASSIGNMENT FOR DAY 4 - Your assignment for today is to:

Your assignment for today is for you to complete all the work from TODAY. 

NEXT: Tomorrow, is TRAFFIC Time...:)

NEXT: Tomorrow, we will go through all the different traffics and how you can tap into them.All that will be reveal in our next session tomorrow. Make sure you do your assignment and join us tomorrow as we move forward to talking traffic
Ps – Don’t forget to message me whenever you have any question or doubt. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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One of my main passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self confident to pursue their true passion and dreams.

My mission is to help improve the financial lives of 1 million+ aspiring entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship.

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