DAY 5: Let’s Talk Traffic!

So far, if you have been following along with a lesser precision, you now know what a landing page is. You got all your tools ready to go. You are ready to start earning real money by promoting other people’s products or your own product/services.
You are only missing one critical piece of the puzzle. You need traffic and how or where to get them.
Let me start by clarify something. When we talk traffic, we are referring to the people who are visiting your website or landing pages.
Here is the sad fact. You can have the best products. The most eye-catchy landing pages and website but if nobody know about it, you have no business. Without people visiting your website or your landing pages, you don’t make a dime.
However… getting quality traffic is so easy if you know how. The good news is, the HOW is LEARNABLE! 🙂 It’s a learnable skills.
Something we go deeper into when you get your membership with Get Paid Living Your Passion.
There are really no shortage of traffic if you know where to look and skills needed to attract them.
And that’s what we are about to dive into here.

There are two type of traffic:

1. Free Traffic

2. Paid traffic

Free traffic may be free in term of money, but you must invest lot of your time to get decent traffic. This form of traffic is slow.

Pay traffic is fast and you can in most cases get fast result since you are able to reach massive number of people at short period of time.

As a master marketer, for best result you basically must marry both free and pay traffic.

So, this is how it goes
If you want targeted traffic quickly, you will need to put a small budget to invest in acquiring that traffic.
However, if you want only free traffic, then you will need to trade your time in order to get the traffic. That mean, sitting in frond of a computer for a long time reaching out to your targeted people personally.
As I mention before. as a master marketer, for best result you basically must marry both free and pay traffic.

Here are some examples of where to go to get free and pay traffic:

As you can see, there’s no shortage of traffic. There are many ways and places to get them. But sometime, too many choices can be overwhelming and intimidating.

That’s why I recommend you start with few. Start with what we referred to as your “low hanging fruits”.

Those are, your social groups. The people on your social media, your email contacts people, etc. Then slowly walk your way up as you get confident.
To take the pressure out, I’ve selected a handful of traffic sources that I find to be most efficient and safe for those just starting out.

Here they are.

1. Free Traffic Sources

– Facebook                                             
– Youtube                                                    
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Blog
– Forum

2. Paid traffic Sources

  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Google Ads (Pay per click)
Those should get you started and going strong.
Facebook for example is the second highest traffic source after Google.
There are over 2 billions Facebook users.
You can build a very successful passion business by promoting and marketing your passion business on Facebook alone.
Facebook ads is the most cost effective there is.
You can run a Facebook ads with as small as $25 a week or less.
With only $5 a day, you can reach as many as 100 to 200 people.

Just imagine the possibilities...(Let's do a quick math.)

Let’s assume every $5 you spend, 100 to 200 people get to see your ads.
Imagine out of those 100 to 200 people, 50 of those people decided to click on your ads to learn more.
Of those 50 people who click to learn more, let’s assume 20 of them like what they see.
So, they gave you their names & emails.
The email goes into your Getresponse email data base and into your sale funnel.
Let’s assume you have really hot product/service.
Let’s assume out of those 20 leads, 3 convert into sales and actually made a purchase.
And let’s assume, the cost of your passion product is $47.
$47 X 3 = $141
You have just made $141 in your sleep.
And all you invest to get the traffic is $5.
How excited do you feel now?
That is the power of systematic leverage.
That’s why we call it “Your lifestyle business”.
Once you got your turn key business in place, you can be in the Gold Coast Surfer Paradise or in the ghetto anywhere in the world with nothing but your smart phone, access to the Internet and you will be making money.

Solo Ads:

Another cool, quick and sufficient traffic source is solo ads.
This form of traffic is lesser targeted, and literally guaranteed to work. Think of this type of ads as buying a 30 second slot on a TV commercial or radio station. The only different is that, you’re sending an email to a targeted audience of similar interest.
To simplify it, this is how it works: Tom has 10,000 people in his email data base who are passionate about what you’re passionate about. Tom send a regular email updates to his list with value contents and now and then, he would also send promotions stuff. Many people like Tom offer email advertising to their list. Which means, you can buy a solo ads from Tom. so, you send a completed written email promotion to Tom to send to his list. Tom has the right to except or reject it. But if your content is of high value and Tom except, he would run your ads to his list.  In your email, you will include a link that Tom’s subscribers can click which bring them back to your landing page and ultimately some becomes your subscribers and customers then a buyer.

#1. A website hosting to register with the domain name you cam up with:

I recommend you go with Siteground.com as your host. I recommend it because I personally host all my website with them.

It’s cheap, easy to use & integrated and it comes with 24/7 support when you need it. 

Here is the BIG picture:

The more diversify your traffic sources, the more leads you get
The more leads you get, the mover conversions you get.
The more conversions you get, the more money you make
The more money you make, the more you invest back into your business which make you more money
And ultimately you will achieve FREEDOM which give you the freedom to live life on your terms 🙂
REMEMBER: whatever you do, make sure you bring MASSIVE value to the people you serve.
Matter fact, value should be your driven force. Value should be the name of your marketing game.
VALUE first! and money should comes second.
We will go really deep once you activate your membership inside Get Paid Living Your Passion.


We have covered a lot of cool stuff here. This knowledge is worth thousand of dollars. Remember, knowledge only become power when apply it. So, apply this knowledge to get the result you desire.
You should also give yourself a tap on the back and reward yourself with something cool because you came a long way.
You are a winner. Losers NEVER stick to anything. Most failure in life has drop out probably in day one or two. At most in day 3. Only winners stick to the course.

That brings us to the end of DAY 5.

ASSIGNMENT FOR DAY 5 - Your assignment for today is to:

Your assignment for today is to go back and complete all the module you might have missed from the previous days.

NEXT: Connecting the Dots...

NEXT: Tomorrow, we will be connecting the dot…
It is very important that you follow the program to the “T” and if you missed anything, go back and get caught up so that you don’t get left behind.
It’s virtually impossible to fail if you just follow the program.
Ps – Don’t forget to message me whenever you have any question or doubt. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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