DAY 6: Connecting the Dots

Welcome to your day 6 training. You came a long way.

Let me ask you a question. How do you really feel right now?

How do you feel about yourself, your online business and the future compare to let’s say 5 days ago when you started this training program? Don’t you just feel more confident and your new found knowledge give you more certainty  about your financial future!

I got a feeling, if you been following along with precision focus, you would be feeling more confident, excited and certain about building your online business.

In the book “The Power of Your Subconscious MIND” by Joseph Murphy, stated that “Your ideas or feeling about yourself will reflect your health, financial condition, friends and social status”. Powerful stuff.

I want you to continue to sustain that feeling of confident and certainty about the fact that, you can do it. You can and will build a successful passion business in the near future to come.

Today is a final summery and check point.

We will review briefly everything we covered in the last 5 days.

You should begin to see how the dot points connect together.

We covered the following 6 Key Points in the last 6 days:


How to build a successful online business.


Understanding online market. 


How the poor, the rich & the wealthy make money in our society.


Setting Up Your Online Business!


Traffic & value marketing.

What did we covered on Introduction to Training:

When you requested the training, you signed a declaration form, making a commitment to yourself.

You declare that you RESOLVE to changing the rest of you life for good by building your passion business.

You also promise to follow every module of Get Paid Living Your Passion trainings with laser-focused precision.

You made a decision to yourself that you will do every assignment, complete every task 100%, get every tools needed, even if you feel inconvenient or uncomfortable – realizing that successful people do what failures are not willing to do.

DAY 1: What did we covered on DAY 1?

On day 1, we looked at how to build a successful passion business in the online space.

To answer the question, we clarify the following 4 important points:

  1. Have a clear understanding what it takes to build a profitable online business.
  2. Clearly identify your financial target/goal.
  3. Clearly identify what you are personally willing to give in return for what you want.
  4. Mental readiness. Develop a winning state of mind. (understand that you will never attain or achieve what you’re not willing to do. And it all start and end with what our state of mind is or what we put in our mind, we get out.


We even went elementary and compare building your online business to building your dream house.

We came into conclusion that, you MUST take charge of your life and pay the price for what you want.

You must pay the price now and play later or play now and pay later. There’s no going around it.

We came to conclusion that, everybody want the good life but not everybody is willing to pay the price.

REMEMBERING THAT: “Our reward in life, is in exact proportion to our contribution or service to our fellow human being” as Earl Nightingale put it.

DAY 2: What did we covered on DAY 2?

On DAY 2, we clear the edge and look at some frequent terminologies in the online space.

We also covered the 7 stages to a Good & profitable Sales funnel.

Your 7 figure blueprint is really your money making pipe line.

This is how it looks in words:

  1. You get traffic or people to come to your website. Your landing or opt-in page.
  2. You turn a stranger into a prospects by getting them to give you their email address or phone
  3. Once they opt-in with their email or phone numbers, you follow up with a message that match what they opt-in for.
  4. You then communicate to your leads by sending a sequence of messages (What you send them is something of a high value. (value is the name of the game)
  5. You convert them into a customer (presenting them the ability to buy great digital/information products
  6. You keep them happy and loyal by providing them with consistent massive value ( Create more profit)
  7. You pretty much rinse and repeat the process from the top down.

It’s really is as simple as that.

DAY 3: What did we covered on DAY 3?

On DAY 3, we asked and answered the questions:

How does the rich & the wealthy make money in our society.

We identify that, there are 4 ways to make money in our society.


Robert Kyosaki in his classic book Rich Dad Poor Dad explained how we make money.

He simply said, there are four ways to earn money and each of us fit at least into one.

We either make money as an employee, self-employed, business owner or investor.


90%, of the world population are either employee or self-employed. This group work an hr, to get paid an hour. If they work more hours, they get paid for that hours. But when they don’t work an hour, they don’t get paid. It’s the old system of trading time for dollar. This is the side our education system program us to enter into.


We learned that, The rich and the wealthy, the top 10%, they know, that’s a prison.

They know that, you can not create wealth by trading time for dollar.
They know that, to create wealth, you must find a way to create some passive income.

For more, go back and review DAY 3.

DAY 4: What did we covered on DAY 4?

On DAY 4, we focus on What your online business would look like and we also set up your entire online business step by step.

We made a comparison between owning a online passion business vs owning a traditional business. 

Here are the different: 

Owning A Online Passion Business VS. Owning A Traditional Business

Owning A Online Passion Business

– No employees
– Set your own hours
– Low start up cost (less than $250 to start)
– No restrictions on territory
– Unlimited income
– Recession-Proof
– Low inventory
– Low overhead
– Residual or passive income

Owning A Traditional Business

– Employees
– 9a.m to 9p.m (six days a week)
– High start up cost (Minimum $10,000 to start)
– Limited to one location
– Income limited to number of store
– Dependent on seasons or economy
– Inventory is biggest expense
– Monthly lease plus utilities
– Trade time for dollar

As you can see, the different is obvious why building your passion business in the online space is more attractive and ideal.


We looked at “The 5 Essential Ingredients Of A True Lifestyle Business.”

  1. Residual income (You do the work once, get paid again and again)
  2. Global Market
  3. Sellable and scalable
  4. Duplicatable ( Turn-key system that can be repeated over and over again)
  5. Low investment and low maintenance ( Build on the go or from home-based)

We also selected tools needed to building your passion business and walk step by step how to:

  1. Create your domain with NameCheap
  2. Create a Auto-Responder & Landing Pages With Getresponse
  3. Create Tracking Software with ClickMagic

DAY 4 was full on. If you missed it by any chance, I urge you to go back to day 4 and complete every require tasks.

You are not really in business unless you go get those tools.

DAY 5: What did we covered on DAY 5?

DAY 5 was all about Traffic.
We clarify that, when we talk traffic, we are referring to the people who are visiting your website or landing pages.
We looked as different type of traffics.
I’ve given some list and example of where to go to get the traffics.
To take the pressure out, I’ve selected a handful of traffic sources that I find to be most efficient and safe for those just starting out.
If you missed DAY 5, go back to your email history and go through DAY 5.
Traffic is KEY to be able to start earning. Learning how to drive traffic to your business is the single most profitable skill in business.
Honestly, let me ask you again. How do you feel right now?

That brings us to the end of DAY 6.

ASSIGNMENT FOR DAY 6 - Your assignment for today is to:

Your assignment for today is to go back and complete any module you might have missed from the previous days.


I want to congrats you for being persistence.
You should give yourself a tap on the back and reward yourself with something cool because you came a long way.
You are a winner. Losers NEVER stick to anything. Most failure in life drop out in day one or two. At most in day 3.
Only winners stick to the course. So, congrats. The future is bright for you 🙂
 I have some awesome surprises treat for you tomorrow.
Go and reward yourself with something cool tonight. I will see you back here tomorrow.
Ps – Don’t forget to message me whenever you have any question or doubt. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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