What if you could be in business for yourself and be confident that you’re never by yourself?

We empower men and women to build successful independent online home base businesses of their own on a part-time based without interfering much with what you’re currently doing.

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Three Keys Focus Areas:

If you ever wonder, what does it really take to qualify for success?… Here are the answers:

1. Identify Your WHY!

What’s IMPORTANT to you?

What Is Your Reason For Wanting To Build Your Own Home Base Business?

It's PROVEN that, when the WHY is clear, the HOW is easier.

There are 3 criteria you must meet in order to succeed in anything worth while.

First, you MUST have a dream. BIG one. Develop a vision of yourself into the future. You MUST conceive and believe it in your mind before you can have it.

The second thing is, you MUST want more in life than you currently have. Those idea of settling for less is what keep most people below the social & economical pyramid. Never Settle For Less!

Finally, you MUST take charge of your life and pay the price for what you want. You must pay the price now and play later or play now and pay later. There’s no going around it.

Everybody want the good life but not everybody is willing to pay the price. REMEMBER: “Our reward in life, is in exact proportion to our contribution or service to our fellow human being” as Earl Nightingale put it.

In this first stage process, we will help you clarify your life purpose. For example, to get you thinking, which of the following reason is MOST IMPORTANT to you?

  • A little extra money
  • More time with your family
  • Control over your personal time
  • More freedom in how you work


Learn The Process & Earn.

Once you have a dream, and you want more from life than you currently have and you are willing to pay the price, that simply mean, you’re now qualify for success. Next, you need two more other things in order to make it. The two other things that go hand in hand with that is: Number 1, You MUST have a vehicle or tools to get you where you want to go Finally, you MUST receive the proper guide or education how to use the vehicle.

Our business stand on 3 principles that we focus on the most. Everyone who became achievers at any level in our business from the most successful to the newest starter fit under this three categories of leadership.

  • 1st, Becoming a leader (Your own personal transformation into a leader)
  • 2nd, Developing leaders. ( You becoming the teacher to create leaders)
  • 3rd, Leading leaders. (You leading leaders in your organisation).

That’s why we have mentorship, seminars, audios, books etc. It’s design by the people who walk the walk and talk the talk by doing so, enable you to become the vision you design of yourself.



Mindset Is Not The Main Thing. It's The ONLY THING.

Listen, you got two aspect to your body. Two income producing capability to your body. The first one is a unlimited income producing capability from your neck up. Your gold mind. The second one, is a $20 an hour or less income producing capability from your neck down. Now, the question is, which one have you been feeding the most?

 This opportunity come with mentorship program that want you to succeed. The personal development and mentorship program is aim at providing you with an environment for growth and assisting you in reprograming your mind to develop a success habit and principles. If you’re willing to ask questions, learn and do the work, you too can become and do great things in your life. We will invest our time and skills in your success; We believe in you and are there to help whenever you need.

We will provide training, motivation, and mentorship; this will help you focus on your success.

You will be receiving mentorship from successful and  experienced business partners with helpful ideas and successful techniques to share with you.

We have a whole training and education system available such as one on one coaching and mentoring, mobile app, online resources, business seminars, streaming audio and video assets tailor to help you build a successful home base business of your own.

The Formula For Success That Never Fail Is:

 Passion/Purpose (WHY) + Vehicle/Tools (HOW) + Enthusiasm/Motivation (mindset) X Consistent Action = Success.   Knowledge

It’s simple as that and will never change.

You got to find something that will motivate you to action because you want to. Not because somebody want it for you. And that something must be stronger than your fear. Then you got to find the right vehicle/tools to get you to that something. Then you got to have the right knowledge to drive that vehicle in spite of all the setback, the challenge and the difficulties until you get to that something. Lastly you gotta have enough desire/excitement and positive attitude during the driving.

We have the vehicle and proper training. You need the rest.

We Will Guide You To Develop The Whole 3 Key Areas…You Need To Bring Only Two Things: Desire And Willingness To Be Thought And Take Action By Following a Proven System…

REMEMBER, You are the change you need to make to be the change you want to see and live.


If you are a person who has decided to take control of your future, then you have the following four basic options on how you can better secure your income earning capabilities:

1. Find a new job protected from the ravages of corporate downsizing and industrial change.

Here is the cold truth about job. Job security doesn’t exist. You are not in control of the situation. Globalisation, Technology and it efficiency has change the game forever. Place your future on job and you’re in a sure route to life of frustration and mediocre.

2. Become an investor.

This would be a great option if you have money to risk. They say, it takes money to make money. Never been so true in the investing world. To see a good return on your investment, you must put in large sum of money. The risk of losing it is even greater. Especially if you’re not a professional investor. This is not an ideal option to 95% of people.

3. Start your own sole trade business.

If you have some unique skills in a specific area, you maybe tempted to go into business as a sole trader. Research show that, 85% of small businesses fail in their first year and 95% failed within 5 year of operation. The factor contributing include: lack of business skills, expensive advertising budget, inventory is biggest expense, high start up cost and most people lose their live saving to this etc. The fact is, you don’t own the business, the business own you. Most small business owners work 75 hours weekly. It’s a stressful scene to be in.

4. Create a new mind for a new economy and start a low-cost, low-risk online home-based business, which will provide leveraged income for the years ahead.

Let’s have a look at some of the many benefits that are associated with a home-based business.

1. Potential of passive and residual Income. (Work one time smart, create an income that will continue to support your lifestyle for years to come.

2. Global Market. ( We operate in over 100 countries and territories.)

3. Duplicatable. (Proven system that can be repeated over and over)

4. Low start-up cost (Requires a small initial outlay of funds of a few hundred dollars.)

5. Build part-time by setting your own hours. (In most cases, doesn’t interfere so much with what you’re currently doing.

6. Does not require leased space for a office. (All you need is your smartphone and access to the internet.)

7. No advertising dollar.

8. Access to mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.

9. Be recognised & rewarded for your effort. More free time to spend with your loved one.

10. Access to 100% personal & business growth environment.

ATTENTION: Think About The Price You’re currently Paying For Your current Job!.

Is It Paying You For What You Are REALLY WORTH Or What The Job Is Worth?

On June 15, 2015, Time Magazine's cover story highlighted the price paid for successful careers:

61% of 500 professionals said that “earning a living today requires so much effort that it’s difficult to find time to enjoy life”.
38% said that they were cutting back on sleep to earn more money.
69% said they’d like to “slow down and live a more relaxed life”.
56% wanted to find more time for personal interests and hobbies.
89% said it was important for them to spend more time with their families, something that their careers made difficult.

Our business opportunity focus in creating lifestyle and freedom. That’s the core front side.

Michael Gerber in his book, “The E Myth” stated “Most people today are not getting what they want. Not from their jobs, not from their families, not from their religion, not from their government, and, most important, not from themselves.

Something is missing in most of our lives. Part of what’s missing is purpose. Values. Worthwhile standards against which our lives can be measured. What’s also missing is a sense of relationship. People suffer in isolation from one another. In a world without purpose, without meaningful values, what have we to share but our emptiness, the needing fragments of our superficial selves?

As a result, most of us scramble about hungrily seeking destruction, in music, in television, in people, in drugs.

And most of all, we seek things.

Things to wear and things to do.

Thing to fill the emptiness

Things to shore up our eroding sense of self.

Things to which we can attach meaning, significance, life

We have fast become a world of things. And most people are being buried in the profusion.

What most people need, then, is a place of community that has purpose, order, and meaning.

The opportunity we got going here is not only to provide you with financial freedom but for you to connect with real like minded people who respect you and have your best interest in heart.

When You Are Ready To Secure Your Future....Fill In Your Details Below And Find Out If You're Qualify!


Meet some of our key Leaders of independent business owners.

Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.

Grow. Love. Live Life The Passion Way….Mantist Oryem 

Here are examples of a few areas I can offer my expertise:

    • Starting and growing a business.
    • Helping you develop a system to automate your life and increase your productivity ten folds.
    • Helping you get clarity on your life blueprint…Core beliefs, highest values, goals, high performing state.
    • Helping you create your story in a non sellsy way.
    • Helping you bring your brand to life effectively

15 Minutes Comp Session

Develop a success mindset: Mindset is what separate successful people from unsuccessful.

We will help you reprogram your mind to develop success mindset and principles needed to succeed. We will show you how you can engage the right mental disciple and attitude in order to achieve your desire goals/dreams.

Stay motivated toward your goals: We can all agree that, nothing happens unless we are motivated. Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without motivation. The right mindset and the right motivation create momentum that carries you through when things get tough.

You will gain access to member only an indispensable motivational tool for your ongoing development.

Determine your true goals: If you could be, do & have anything you wanted, what would you really, really, really want to BE! DO! & HAVE? 

We will spend several one on one sessions and look at the few simple exercises that will bring to light what you should really be focusing on throughout the day. Otherwise you could waste years “chasing the wind,” as the saying goes. 

Review your progress: By the end of each month, we will spend 1 to 2 hours reviewing your progress from the previous month and create goals and plan of actions for the next month.

We get to explore and go through any questions you may have and look at what you need to work and improve upon.

Exclusive Access to Powerful Content: You will gain access to the archive of weekly action-based motivational & personal growth video/audio from Members access page ONLY.

This personal growth video/audio are there to help you stay motivated and consistent in your action toward your goals.

Discover your passion and purpose in life: If you struggle with discovering your life purpose, you’re not alone. 90% of people have the same problem.
We will help you get clear on what your passion and purpose are and gain more clarity around what you really want in life. Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose, you will drift aimlessly through life.

Exclusive Updates: You will be one of the first to be notify of any upcoming stuffs that would be beneficial to your personal and professional growth.

This include but NOT LIMITED to – (events, recommended training Programs, resources, recommended books/audio, pdf download etc)

Special Offer: Exclusive access to Mantistic Productions services at a special discount throughout your mentorship relationship.

Mantistic Productions is another one of Mantist business. We provide world class graphic designing, video editing, audio mixing/masteringand voiceovering or narrating services at any budget from concept to completion. 

25% OFF

15 Minutes Comp Session