Do You Really Want Success? (You Got To Make Up Your Mind.)

How much of a price are you willing to pay?



You either paying the price for success or paying the price for failure. Either way you choose to go, you are paying a price.

90% of people are paying the price for failure. Little did they know, it takes the same amount of effort for the price of failure as it is for success.

Now, what price are you willing to pay for the success you desire.


Why The Rich Get Richer? (The Success Indicator)

Those who have learned the right way to invest their lives, those who have learned the right success habits and system, will grow richer and richer.

Those who have learned the wrong way to invest their lives, those who have learned a faulty system, will grow poorer and poorer. It may not seem fair, but it is the way life works.


There are three things you must do in order to become successful in anything worthwhile. 


You Must Have A Strong Emotional Dreams.

The beginning of success is being dead honest with what you really need. And we all have needs.

You might need to:

•lose weight
•start a business to take care of your financial problem
•buy a better car
•move to a bigger house
•find a good partner
•pay off your debt
•Help your family members


Whatever your needs are, be specific and honest about it. That needs must be something that will motivate you to action because you want to. Not because somebody want it for you. And that something must be stronger than your fears.


You Must Develop A Success Mindset.

Once you became clear about your needs, next, you need to develop enough believe in yourself that you can have it.

Faith can be broken down into two parts. Faith in others and faith in oneself.

Most people have more faith in others than in themselves. The problem is not faith in others. The problem is lack of faith in oneself. Poor self image.

But, unless you develop faith in yourself, nothing great ever going to happen in your life.

Expand your self image (Mindset) and you expand possibilities for yourself.

That’s why, the only thing that separates unsuccessful people from successful is MINDSET!

Mindset is not just the main thing, it’s EVERYTHING!


You Must Find The Right Vehicle To Get You To Your Dream

Finally, you MUST have a proper vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

You also need to have the right knowledge to drive that vehicle in spite of all the setback, the challenge and the difficulties until you accomplish you’re something.

That’s where we come in with our business platform and the private mentorship program.

A good mentor can map out a clear road map to success for you to follow that can save you decades of trial and error.

They help you make better decisions, set goals and focus on priority that create desire results.

The fact is, the quality of your life always will depends on the quality of your decisions. If you don’t like where you’re at, means, you been poor at making quality decisions

5 Traits & Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The reason why we have a selection process really is to figure out the mindset of individuals.

Our key focus is mindset and certain kind of characteristics.

Never so much on skillset or professional background because skillset is an easy learnable skills.

We are more interested to see if you have a willingness to learn and grow. If you are someone who has that teachable spirit and willingness to be transparent in communication to establish trust and friendship which are the key ingredients to have in a business partnership and mentoring relationship. That will then allow you to build a successful business asset.

Today, let’s focus on the MINDSET aspect of thing.

Let’s go ahead and look at the 5 Ps traits and characteristics of all successful people.

These are universal qualities that you MUST develop if you want to achieve a higher level of success in any field.

As you go through them, make sure you self reflect whether you currently have these qualities. If not, asked yourself whether you are willing to take the time to develop them.

If you have them, GREAT. You have the mindset of the top 10% of the rich and the wealthy people in the world.

If you don’t yet have them but you are willing to develop them, also GREAT. The chances for you to build a successful life is very high.

If you don’t have those 5 Ps traits and characteristics and you are not willing to develop them, nothing we discussed from here forward will matter.

If you want a breakthrough in your life, these 5 Ps traits and characteristics is a MUST develop!

These are the 5 Ps traits and characteristics that we value and look for in a potential candidate that we intent to invest our time on and work with. 


Let’s go through and discussed them one by one:


A Clear Sense Of Purpose

Napoleon Hills in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, said that, purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a clear purpose, you end up drifting aimlessly through life.

All high achiever are very clear on their purpose. 

Always have a clear intention and higher purpose for what you do and why you’re doing it.

From your daily activities, see a clear connection between your daily activities and your life purpose.

Your daily activities must be that which align with your purpose and fulfills your perceived needs, wants and desires.

Michael Gerber in his book, “TheEMyth” stated “Most people today are not getting what they want. Not from their jobs, not from their families, not from their religion, not from their government, and, most important, not from themselves.

Something is missing in most of our lives. Part of what’s missing is purpose. Values.Worthwhile standards against which our lives can be measured. What’s also missing is a sense of relationship. People suffer in isolation from one another. In a world without purpose, without meaningful values, what have we to share but our emptiness, the needing fragments of our superficial selves?

As a result, most of us scramble about hungrily seeking destruction, in music, in television, in people, in drugs.

And most of all, we seek things.

Things to wear and things to do.

Thing to fill the emptiness.


Primary Circles of Influence

My mentor then talked about primary circles of influence.

He said that, every successful people know that you are as of this moment the average of the top 5 people you spend most time with.

This top 5 people are your circle of influence.

Then he asked me this question, 

So, Mantist, would you like to live the life of the people who influence you?

Then I started thinking about my family, friends, relatives, coworkers, boss, Google.

I realized that, although I love and respect my friends, relatives and all those lots, I didn’t definitely wanted to live how they live because I wasn’t necessarily impressed with the results they created in their life. But I also realisedthat, I was the average of them without even knowing it.

Another eye opener.

Then my mentor says, Here’s why circle of influence shapes your life.

You are where you are because of the decisions you made in the past.

And 80% to 90% of the decisions you made in the past are influenced by your circle of influence.

Who you will become in the future will be based on your current decisions and circle of influence.

That’s why it’s key to surround yourself with winners. Your success in life depends on it.

Then my mentor asked me,

“Mantist, since you’re now aware of that truth, are you willing to change your circle of influence?”

From that moment, I realisedthat, there’s one thing to respect a person for who they are and there’s another thing to respect a person for the results they created.

I respect my friends and relatives for who they are but I respect my mentor for the results he has created.


Prioritisation of time

The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time._Robert Toru Kiyosaki


Let’s discuss why prioritising your time is the key in achieving maximum results in all key areas of your life.

One thing we must understand intellectually and emotionally is the fact that, time is your life battery.

By wasting your time on low value activities like spending 1 to 2 hours on social media a day, you are literally wasting your life away. 

Very important to understand this. Your time is your life. And we only have very limited of it. You waste it, you don’t get it back.

With that in mind, my mentor ask me a question,

Mantist, how good are you at prioritizing your time?

To answer that question accurately and honestly, I was only to look at the results I’ve been getting up until that point.

And I’ve realizedthat, there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.

I was busy but I wasn’t productive. I didn’t like the results I was getting.

So, if I were to ask you the same question, how good are you at prioritizingyour life?

We’re always so busy working to make $50k, $60k that we either forget or allow it stopping us from creating real wealth and financial freedom.


Patience & Persistent

If you’re the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for something that never happens. Then, you die a boring old person._Robert T Kiyosaki


My mentor explains to me that, the world we live in today, everything move so fast and everybody wants instant results to the point that we lost touch with being patience.

I was not really a very patience guy. I had that microwave mindset where I needed result to happen in an instant.

But then my mentorclarified that people are forgetting that everything that is truly worthwhile take time to create. 

For example, people signed up for a gym and expect Arnold Swaggernigerbody overnight. That will never happen.

It’s the same in creating assets. Creating assets takes time.

He pointed out to me that, if you don’t have the patience to invest 2 to 5 years of your time and effort in creating passive income, you’re not going to be a success. 



A Mentor

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there._Robert T Kiyosaki


Have you ever had a professional mentor before that coach and mentor you to achieve a worthwhile goals?

What kind of value did you or would you place in coaching and mentorship?

When my mentor asked me what kind of value would I place on being coach and mentor by a successful person.

I told him, I would value it 110% and do anything to learn what they expect me to learn so I can have what they have.

I already knew that all the high achievers in any field, from sports to politics, music and business like, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and all those top earners and achievers, they all had mentors.

So, I take and value mentorship very seriously.

The question to you is, how much value would you place on being coach and mentor?

Although we do utilise Network Marketing platform but ours is mentorship and leadership development driven. 

The reason you’re going through this process really is for you to qualify for coaching and mentorship .



I want you to understand this, what we’re going through now, is a privilege.

I remember my mentor pointing out to me that, very few people ever get access to this sort of information and to have a chance to be coach and mentor to succeed in both personal and business aspects of their life.

Because it’s a privilege, it should never be discussed or shared with anybody else unless if they qualify.

So, I never take it lightly. I hope you do the same.

I am passionate about many things that I love to BE! DO! & HAVE.

One of my main passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self confident to pursue their true passion and dreams.

My mission is to help improve the financial lives of 1 million+ aspiring entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship.