Our goal is to empower and develop 100 young people per year who are going through the challenges of identity confusion and lack of direction into aspiring leaders with healthy self image, self believe, self confidence and a clear moving toward goals; plus a clear plans of action to achieve them. 

Coaching Road Map Eye View

Your path to a life of success & fulfilment


Reality Check

Come clean. You can’t change what you’re not willing to face.

We’ll spend time here to help you become self aware about your current reality and why you feel stuck and the next step how to get unstuck.


Know where you want to be.

Getting clarity on your moving towards goals. We’ll give you templates and examples on this.


To change your life start by changing your thinking.

Understanding who you need to become to achieve your goals. Here’s where we’re going to spend the most time.

Game Plans

Create an action plan to get what you want.

Mapping out step by step your effective plans of action to reach your goals.


Playing your wingman to elevate your game.

Helping to keep you accountable and remain consistent in your plans of action.


Rest. Reflect. Reset.

Seeing results and learning to reward yourself and celebrate your wins. And repeating the process.

Who Will Benefits The Most From This Program:

    • 1. People that want to build their self-confidence, self believe and resilience.
    • 2. People that want to learn the skillsets of setting goals and creating a clear plans of action.
    • 3. People who don’t know who they are and have identity confusion.
    • 4. People who do not have a clear set of values to drive their lives.
    • 5. People who are not clear on their purpose and calling in life.
    • 6. People who are finding it difficult to stay on the positive side of life.
    • 7. People who do not feel supported in the pursuit of their dreams and need that positive push.

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Mantist Oryem

Mentor & Life Coach.

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    THE WHY…

    The last few months, I’ve approached and spoken with many non-for-profit organisations and community leaders from diverse background about the challenges young people are facing around mental health. 

    One person describe it as, experiencing “Mental health crisis” among our young people. 

    And the evident is overwhelming around the large number of young people in the prison system, depression and worst, suicide we are experiencing among the young people.


    I wanted to know what the biggest root cause could be. So, I went out and spoken with 100s of young people themselves and youth organisation leaders.

    2 main reasons keep popping up:

    1. Identity confusion. 2. Lack of direction.

    I met with many of those organisations and expose them to my coaching program…and they’re very intrigued and could see and feel the lasting impact the program could bring to those young people. 


    The challenges around mental health is something very close to my heart because I personally experience both identify confusion and lack of directions among others and it took me many years of sweat blood and tears to overcome. 

    Took me 10 years journey to overcome broken self image, self believe, self worth, self confidence and dream.

    Fortunately, I overcame it and know exactly how I did it.

    I can guide someone else through the process so they too can win the battle themselves.

    This became the birth of my mentorship program.


    I’ll be distilling 10+ years of my own journey of daily and intentional pursuit of Personal growth, study, experience, reflection.

    Through my personal experience, I’ll help you position yourself and fast track your success journey.


    As we sit down, each coaching sessions focus on helping you in this areas:

    1. Life Blueprint:

    Here we’ll focus on getting you clear on this important areas of your life.
      • 1. Your value systems (Values are the filters of decisions, the pivots of behaviour.)
      • 2. Your empowering beliefs (Identifying your disempowering beliefs and replace.)
      • 3. Your passion/purpose (Answer the BIG question—“Who Am I?)
      • 4. High performance state (Identify those things that get you into your zone.)
      • 5. Identify your empowering beliefs. (Believe drives behaviours/action)

    2. Goal-Setting: 

    You can’t hit a target you don’t see. Identifying your moving towards goals is KEY.
        • 1. Help you get clear on what your dream is.
        • 2. Help you figure out what your passion/purpose might be.
        • 3. Help you identify your moving towards goals.
        • 4. Give you examples of how I do it for myself.

    3. Mindset For Success:

    Mindset is what separate the success and the unsuccessful.
        • 1. Help you build a GROWTH MINDSET.
        • 2. Help you eliminate common self sabotaging habits.
        • 3. Give you with tips to build mental resilience.

    4. We’ll help you get more clarity on what your passion and purpose could be.

    5. We’ll equip you with the tools, resources and step by step strategy to building your self confidence & self believe.

    6. Life Challenges:

    Everyone go through life challenges. Unfortunately most of the time, we are clouded by it. Therefore…
        • 1. I will give you new perspective/feedback to look at your life challenges from a different angle.
        • 2. I will expose you to new resources to tap into that is suited to battle your challenges.
        • 3. I will challenge you to rise above fear and doubt that might be holding you back.
        • 4. I will guide you toward new possibilities

    7. Access To Useful Resources:

    I will give you access to some amazing success resources I’ve been collecting for years.
          • 1. Access to the archive of weekly action-based motivational & personal growth video/audio.
          • 2. Access to top 50 pdf download of money making business Systems that you may engage to help you diversify your income.
          • 3. Plus many more…

    8. Access to frequent free updates. NOT LIMITED to:

    1. events,

    2. recommended training Programs,

    3. resources,

    4. recommended books/audio, pdf download etc)

    Start A Conversation With Mantist:

    Ready to engage now? Request a complimentary callback:

    Mantist Oryem

    Mentor & Life Coach.

    📞 +61457070666

      Here are Overview list of Mantist’s accomplishment over the last few years

        • Founder of Mantistic Productions
        • Founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion
        • Music Producer and spoken word poet –
        • Major in Audio and Film productions with SAE qantm
        • Diploma in Community Development
        • Certificate Five in Business Management
        • Performed in many Brisbane festivals such as the Brisbane Festival and the Zillmere Multicultural Festival
        • Headlined for World Refugee Community Day Festival with a turnout of 13,000 plus people
        • Performed in many small festivals such as Youth Day Festival and World Aids Day Festival, and many clubs, pubs, birthday parties, schools, and more
        • Been featured in many magazines and newspaper articles: such as The Courier Mail, MX, City News, Scene Magazine, The Chronicle, and more
        • Appeared on many radio stations (where my music was played or I was interviewed) such as ABC Coast FM, ABC Radio, SBS Radio radio, 4ZZZ and more
        • Released 3 original music albums and 1 spoken word album
        • Sold 25,000 hard and digital copies of his albums
        • Facilitated dozen of music and spoken words workshops
        • Finalist in Australian Poetry Slam 2011
        • Winner of Griffith University short film most outstanding male performance
        • Qmusic song Award finalist 2008 and 2009
        • Early careers in sales and IT Engineering
        • Over 150,000 plus followers on his online platforms

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      1. Mary says:

        Thank you for sitting down with me before Mantist. You got me excited about my life 🙂

      2. Jack M says:

        I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service. My partner loves your work. She’s fond of your books recommend and empowering quotes too 🙂

        Jack M.

      3. Laura says:

        Thanks for your help Mantist.
        My habits got so much better since our few conversations. And thanks for the book suggestion…am loving the content

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