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April 7, 2017
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My Success Recipe

My Success Recipe

The following is the spoken word scripts of the video for those that prefer to read.¬†Perhaps you want to follow along as you watch the video ūüôā

Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s pray to the Mantist

I just got back from the motherland and it was magic

Hi-fi with families was fantastic 

2017, is the year, the Mantist wins

The Mantist dream is the make the Mantist feels

At the top of the Mantist skills

The Pray to the Mantist, never stand still

My primary goal is to be the boss of my own

The boss of my soul

My destiny, under my control

9-5? Screwed that.

That’s for slavery soul

Having no dream, was one of my fault

Moving so blindly like my eyes been folded

But now my life revolved 

To endless possibilities 

Working daily on my success recipe

I understand, “a man with no dream with perish”, you see

I’m one plus twenty seven but I feel like I’m seven

I feel like in heaven

A peace of mind is the essence 

Let me touch base on the power of the mind

I quoted. Somebody stated.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believes the mind achieves”

That gives me confident and ease

That am in control of my shit

Create my own life the way I believe, 

The way I conceive

Attitude is like the man in the mirror I see

You see?

The world is a reflection of the attitude in me

That’s why, I’m always on top of adversity¬†

My mind on my goals, my goals on my mind weekly

That’s my priority¬†

Turning blind eyes to all the destruction

No time to waste, Am on the action

No stoping until destination 

My destination is my motivation

That’s why, the pray to the Mantist,

wake up motivated

I am so focus that I plan my work and work my plans

Oh yea! I understand what they say

When they say

You plan to fail when you failed to plan

I am signing out

But before I go,

I wish you well

Written and Publish by Mantist Oryem

Your friend in success – Mantist Oryem
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