Expanding pathways to the future.


The primary outcome is to reduce re-offending rates with pre and post release one on one support and programs. To provide the capability:

– To live and work in successful stronger communities,

– Improve the employability of participants,

– Reduce structural/systemic barriers to sustainable re-integration into the community,

– Create strong community Advisory/yarning groups

– Create strong Service Advisory Groups that support the Community groups

– Of supporting participants in the housing market

– Of ensuring participants have the life skills to be life and work ready

– To have Positive Peer and Community Connection

-Increased connection with non-indigenous people We anticipate that the outcomes are…

– Improved Interpersonal skills

– Increased Confidence and self-worth

– Support Networks

– Life Skills

– Good decision making

– Positive reinforcement

– Exposure to good role models

– Capacity for employment

– Capability to earn money

– Budgeting skills

– Personal Development