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June 13, 2019

Stand on Principles

Stand on Principles

I have this thought going through my mind and I believe sharing with you may spike and challenge your thought process. 
I have found that, most people are living shallow lives. They don’t stand on principles.
The consequence of that is that, they’re conforming to opinions of others which is affecting their self-image in achieving their higher purpose.
If you find yourself making decision based on the opinion of someone without fruit on the trees, STOP.
Even when they’re your friends, best friend, family members, your mom or dad.  
I have learned long time, there’s one thing to respect a person for who they are and there’s another thing to respect a person for the results they created. 
Only listen to people who created the result you want to create in your life. 
Remember, if they don’t have your vision, they will never understand your mission.
Les Brown said, “Don’t let the opinion of others become your reality.”
I hope that help you out in making inform decisions that will affect the course of your life 🙂
I would like to introduce you to our new 10 years vision. #Vision10,000
To empower, equip & improve the personal & financial life of 10,000 individuals who aspire to succeed at the highest level by year 2028.
 I challenge you to challenge yourself by striving to be part of a vision bigger than yourself.

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Your friend in success 🙂

Mantist Oryem

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I coach & mentor individuals who want to shift their mindset from employee to entrepreneur in a desire to take control of their personal & financial life.

One of my main passion is to empower and equip people to experience personal growth and prosperity by helping them to reach their full potential and live life at the highest level. 

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