Always want to build your own passion business but unsure where to start? You landed on the right place.
We help individuals start and build their own online asset based business around their passion through one on one coaching and mentorship.

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REMEMBER: The key to your freedom is how to generate passive income for some of your effort put forward daily.

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Here Are Few Good Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Asset Based Business!

The Lifestyle Of A Successful Passion Business Owner

1. You have time and money freedom. To be truly free in our modern age, you need to have – Time + Money + Security = FREEDOM. (This is what asset based business can provide you)
2. You get to walk out of a boring traditional 9 – 5 job that you dislike.
3. You have an opportunity to create and generate passive income because we focus on building asset base income. (Passive income is when you do the work once and get paid again and again for months or years to come)
4. You get to work from home or anywhere in the world with only your laptop, smart  phone and Internet connection.
5. You have possibilities and freedom as an entrepreneur to create and control your own future.
6. You have the flexibility to determine your working hours. Most of us invest only 10 to 15 hrs per week in building our asset based business. That’s roughly 1 to 2 hours per day.
7. You have access to coaching and mentorship from successful people who can help and guide you in your journey of building a successful asset based business. (Coaching and mentorship can save you 10 years of trial and error.)
8. You get to surround yourself with a community of individuals who have similar dreams and goals as you and are always there to lift you up during your dark time. 

Think About The Price You're currently Paying For The Work You Do

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you in term of your health, money and relationship?

Not Long Ago, Time Magazine’s Cover Story Highlighted The Price Paid For Successful Careers:

61% of 500 professionals said that “earning a living today requires so much effort that it’s difficult to find time to enjoy life”.
89% said it was important for them to spend more time with their families, something that their careers made difficult.
38% said that they were cutting back on sleep to earn more money.
69% said they’d like to “slow down and live a more relaxed life”.
56% wanted to find more time for personal interests and hobbies.

If your answer on the scale of 1 to 10 is 8 below, we recommend it’s time to think about making some changes in your life.

For us, building asset based business is all about one thing. And that one thing is FREEDOM!

How Can You Prepare For Building Your Own Asset Based Business?

Here Are Top 3 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs You Need To Adopt To Fast Track Your Success.

1. Dream BIG dreams.
2. Develop a winning attitude.
3. Develop a great work ethic.

Why These 3 Characteristics A MUST Adopt!

Because these are the qualities you need to have to qualify for success!

Why BIG Dreams Matter

The size of your dream makes all the different

A man or woman is as great as the size of his/her dreams. By that we mean, a man action will always be in exact proportion to the size of his/her dreams. If he dreams BIG, he act BIG. If he dreams small, he act small. The size of the dream is what makes the different.

People with no dream pursue nothing. People with small dream give up quickly. People with BIG dreams can overcome any setback, difficulties and challenges that come their way.

Positive Attitude is Everything

The world is a reflection of our attitude

Somebody said, “A strong and positive attitude create more miracles than any other thing, because life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.

Action Is The Name Of The Game

Nothing happen unless we act on it

All entrepreneur has one thing in common. They are self driven & they take action without the need for someone to constantly remind them or push them to do so. 

You must be willing to move out of your comfort zone by doing thing in a different way to what you are currently accustom to. Otherwise, you will always achieve the same results you alway have.





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Find Out More About Our "Done For You" Asset Based Business Opportunity?

REMEMBER: The key to your freedom is how to generate passive income for some of your effort put forward daily.

To start the process, click below and fill in the box with your contact details and we will contact you shortly.


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Find Out The Overview Of What We Have


Find How You Can Build Asset Based Business

Discover the best business module we have in the market place today

In the second step process, we’re going to take 30 to 40 minutes of your time and share with you how money is made in our society, how you can create passive income and look at 5 criteria that represent the perfect asset based businesses that anyone even without prior experience can start and build. A business that have proven to provide you with the maximum time and financial freedom.

We’ll also get to answer some of your questions you may have. 


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Get Started On Your Entrepreneurial Journey:


Get A Chance To Be Introduce To Some Of Our Team And Leaders

Here, you may have a chance to be introduced to some of our team and leaders depends on how we step 2 work out.

When we identify that we think alike and connect and you have the right mindset that we are looking for, we will progress to offer you a 90 days test drive where you get to prove yourself whether we should invest our time in helping you build your asset based business with the help of our coaching and mentorship. 

After that 90 days, we will have a review and determine from there whether to commit to your success or to terminate it.

I’m Mantist Oryem, founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion. If you always wanted to become an entrepreneur and own your own passion business but unsure where to start, you landed on the right place.

PS – My message is always simple: 

Stop surviving and start living. Aspire to live life full of passion and freedom today? _ Mantist Oryem