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November 6, 2017
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November 14, 2017

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can._Arthur Ashe 

Experience always remind me that, we all want something and we are all afraid of something.

Whether your deepest desire is to lose weight, increase your income, fall in love or whatever it is; you need to overcome your fears and start somewhere.

I’ve realise that, in the game of life, if you wait for all the light to turn green before you take a move, you will wait to your grave.

It’s a cold fact to know that, the lights are never all green at the same time.

Anyway, let me share with you a story of how I ended up buying this week recommended book – (Start With What You Have by Praise George).

I did not buy this book from a normal bookstore or online store.

Somebody sold it to me at a restaurant while I was waiting for my lunch in down town Kampala, Uganda.

The story goes—

I was on holiday. I was walking around down town Kampala with no particular rush or goal in mind. I was a tourist experiencing everything Kampala thrown to my eyes and on that day, I was looking for anything unique that caught my eyes so I could buy.

The time was 1pm and I was feeling hungry. I scanned my surrounding looking for food. Suddenly I saw a restaurant in a near distance with a eye catchy menu which got my attention instantly.

I pushed my way through the constantly crowded streets and dine into the not so small looking restaurant.

A lovely female waitress came to me with a BIG smile on her face and took my order.

While I was waiting for my order, a 20 year old looking dude walked into the restaurant carrying over 20 books in his hands.

As fascinating as I am with books, I got really curious where the hell he was taking all those books.

What happened next, shown the true definition of a hustler to it purest form.

The guy started going from table to table selling the books.

When he got to my table, he greeted me with fire of passion in his eyes and didn’t seem to care less how heavy the books were and the sweat that were drifting down his pale face.

He straight away asked me whether I wanted to buy some good books. A true hustler.

I felt some empathy for the guy and asked him to put the books on the table and catch some oxygen.

I could sense he wanted to say, “no am good” but he decided to comply with my request and he dumped the books on the table.

I went through the books and he was right. They were world class books.

I’ve noticed the books were full of New York Number 1 Best Seller like, “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyasoki and many others.

Since I already owned most of the books he was selling, I’ve decided to go with 7 other books that I still didn’t own.

He walked out with a big smile on his face.

I wanted to know his story but before we could get to that, my order arrived and the waitress glared at him with a “GO AWAY, DO NOT DISTURB OUR CUSTOMERS” look.

That guy with his determination, is going places.

I’ve discovered later that, 75% of Ugandan are entrepreneurs. The highest percentage of self employed in the world. And most of these folks start with very little.

The KEY word is, they start! they don’t wait.

And this book will show you how to start with what you have.

So, go ahead and get your self a copy and be inspired to start from where you are.


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