If you don’t learn to make money work for you, you will work for money for the rest of your life. The BIGGEST mistake you can make is relying your entire future on your 9-5 job income alone. 

FACT: 80% of people who worked 40hrs per week, 40 weeks per year for 40 years at a 9-5 job, retired with not enough money at age 65. Those were my wake up calls. 

571,000 People Are Searching For Business Opportunity Each Month!

The following article explained WHY!
Time Magazine’s Cover Story Highlighted The Price Paid For Successful Careers:

61% of 500 professionals said that “earning a living today requires so much effort that it’s difficult to find time to enjoy life”.
89% said it was important for them to spend more time with their families, something that their careers made difficult.
38% said that they were cutting back on sleep to earn more money.
69% said they’d like to “slow down and live a more relaxed life”.
56% wanted to find more time for personal interests and hobbies.

REMEMBER: For Thing To Change For You, You Must Be Willing To Change! (Take Action Now To Secure Your Financial Future)


Our mission is helping aspiring entrepreneurs build alternative income from homes without the need to quit what they’re currently doing.

If that’s you, keep reading….

  • We will show you why you should NEVER rely on your 9-5  job alone.
  • We will show you how to start your entrepreneurial venture with as little as $100 with unlimited income earning potential.
  • We will show you how you can do it without the need to quit your current job or study.
  • You don’t even need to have a prior business experience because our private coaching and mentorship program is design to give you all the personal growth & business skills you need to succeed!

If You Commit & Follow Our Proven Road Map To Success, The Next 18 – 48 months, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again! (I Personally Guarantee It)

A Quick Background About Me!

My Name Is Mantist Oryem

I have a background in music productions and IT. I’ve been working in IT field for over 7 years in both private and government sector.

Outside of that, I am an entrepreneur and performing artist. I have recording studio, Consulting business and E-Commerce business.

My entrepreneurial journey started about 4 years ago out of a frustration of being fired from jobs all the time.

Living from pay cheque to pay cheque. My income was always like a zig saw – up and down! Up and down! I needed some financial instability so I can control my time and life.

I didn’t come from a rich background. We fled my country of birth when I was only 5 or 6 and spent 10 years of my childhood in refugees camp in condition I wouldn’t wish not even on my worst enemy.

My father died fighting for freedom before I could even remember faced. I was raised by a struggling single mum.

I high school, I graduated 1 year older than the kids in my grade. I always felt like I was 2 steps behind everyone else.

At age 25, I had less than $5000 in my bank account.

I could see clearly that if I do not change drastically and think outside the box to secure my financial future, I would end up retire dead broke.

I hated 9-5 job so much that I could not possibly see myself 9-5 until I was 65.

I had this desire to retire young and retire rich but I just didn’t know how.

A couple of years ago, through my cousin, I got connected to this successful entrepreneur who built a massive business assets and financially retired at the age of only 33.

When this guy that my cousin talk so highly about told me, he can help me accomplish that goal, I was so excited, so eager & willing to do whatever it takes.

Apparently, they run this private mentorship group where each year, they take few qualifying people on and mentor them.

He took me through a 6 weeks venting process to see if I would qualify for him to invest his time and energy on helping me develop my own business assets.

Now, I tap into their coaching and mentoring program to build my own assets outside my full-time profession so I can financially retire in the next 24 to 48 months.

The first goal for me was to bring my partner home and take care of all her financial needs and wants.

Today, I am happy that she’s home full-time raising our son. 

The second goal for me was to create multiple source of incomes so that I do not rely only on my 9-5 job income. 

I wanted the freedom and confidence of knowing that, even  when I found myself without a job for whatever reason, we would still be financially okay.

Today, I have created several sources of income which give me a great sense of personal freedom and peace of mind.                      

Here are some of my entrepreneurial ventures:  

Music Production.
12 Month Mentorship Program.  
Music Albums & Performance
Plus Working with teams of aspiring entrepreneurs building NetWork Marketing Business as an Asset

Here Is Why Network Marketing The Best Business Module For The Masses To Become Wealthy.

My Top 6 Reasons Why I Recommend You To Start & Build Your Network Marketing Business.

Starting and building a successful business from scratch is not really easy. If you don’t have the right mindset, business skills, time, money and emotional toughness that is required to build a successful business, you are DOOM to failed. That’s why 85% of businesses failed within 5 years of starting. 

Here are My top 6 Reasons Why I Recommend You To Start & Build Your Network Marketing Business.

4. Flexible Working time

Invest only 1-2 hrs per day in building your network business and without quitting what you’re currently doing which will compound over time.
The only way you’re going to have time freedom is to understand the concept of time compounding. Network Marketing is KING when comes to applying the concept of time compounding.

Jean Paul Getty, the 1st Billionaire in the US, explained the concept of time compounding perfectly. He said, “I’d rather have and earn 1% off  a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own effort.”
Learning how to leverage other people time. This has been the secret key for all wealthy people.

5. Personal & Leadership Development.

Network Marketing focus heavily on personal & leadership development of a person.
The successful leaders in the industry understand that personal growth always comes before business growth. Without personal growth, there’s no business growth.
They help you set goals, eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors, communicate persuasively, build a committed network of business partners; learn to become an influential leader; inspire and lead a wide range of personalities etc.
The skills you learn in Network Marketing make you better in your relationship, at work and every key areas in your life.

6. The right compensation plans.

As far as the compensation plan goes, it’s an equal level play field and you have unlimited income earning potential if you put effort to it.

If I think of a job, there’s a ceiling on your earnings no matter how hard you work. Here there’s no ceiling. Another thing about a job is that, you get paid what the job is worth but in Network Marketing, you get paid what you are worth. And in Network Marketing, you have the potential to generate passive income which is the key ingredient to your personal FREEDOM!

1. Coaching & Mentorship Program

Most great Network marketing companies provide coaching and mentorship program that want you to succeed. Most people don’t come from business background. Therefore, to have someone coach and mentor you to reprogram your mind to develop a business success habit and principles, it’s priceless.

2. Duplicable & proven system

There’s already a proven success system in place that you can follow every steps of the way. A learnable, teachable and duplicable system that can be repeated over and over again.

Think MacDonald. A proven system is why MacDonald is so successful.

3. Winning Community of business partners

You are never alone. You are surrounded by a network of supported business partners who are ready and willing to give you a helping hand whenever you need it. There’sa sharing of strengths and minimizing of weaknesses that make everyone involved stronger. We grow exponentially through being cooperative and making sure the people we partner with are financially successful.

If you decided to start any other business outside the network marketing, you are on your own. For example, when I was creating my music productions and consulting businesses, I paid thousands of dollars to get coaching and mentorship from people who are already successful in those field with no guarantee of success on my part.

Network marketing is unique in comparison to traditional business because people in the room truly want you to succeed because when you make money, the entire organization will become stronger and every member of the team you’re working with Will benefits.
You won’t find much of that in the corporate jobs or other business module.

Network Marketing Fits Our 6 Criteria For A Perfect Asset Based Business Model 100%.

There are many business module out there but when it comes to a perfect lifestyle business, only network marketing provide some really unique and valuable attributes that fit our 6 criteria for a perfect lifestyle business. A Business that would provide you with the maximum time and financial freedom. And that anyone can start and build even with no prior experience.
Let’s go through them real quick.

1. Low start-up costs & low maintenance.

Doesn’t require your life saving or thousands of dollars to start and maintain. Starting as low as $100.

2. No restrictions on territory

Ability to build your business in over 100 countries. Live in Australia & have a business in USA & other countries.

3. Unlimited income potential

No ceiling on your earning ability. In a job, you get paid what the job is worth. Here, you get paid what you are worth.

4. Duplicable process.

A learnable, teachable and duplicable system that can be repeated over and over again.

5. Passive income

You invest your time + money + effort to create asset and that asset make you money while you sleep. You do the work once, get paid again and again

6. Flexible Working time

Work part-time, from home or anywhere in the world and without quitting what you’re currently doing. Invest only 1-2 hrs per day which will compound over time.

Reality Check: On Scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate the quality of your life? 

American wealth coach and self made millionaire Robert Kiyosaki in one of his best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, explain that, in our society today, there are 3 group of people. 3 different ways of living and each of us fit into one of those. Let’s go through them real quick.

Group 1

Fear & Despair

The 1st group of people live a life full of fear and despair. These group of people have nothing going their way. Their lives is basically going down the drain with too many issues and factors. These are the people who can’t cope with life on their own. So, they need help from family member or government to cope with life.
This was the story of my life when I was in refugee camps. For 10 years, we needed help and support for us to survive and cope with life.
This by far, is the worst group to be in. Wouldn’t you agree?

Group 2

Anger & Frustration

The 2nd group of people live their lives in anger & frustration. These group of people have a good job but can not afford to quit. They know that, if they stop working, the world they live in would come crashing down. They live in what we called survival mode. This is not a pleasant way of living because your head is just above the water. With just a little pull, you would drowned. The pull could be you lost your job or you got sick that you’re not able to work. Whatever the situation. That’s why this group live a life full of anger and frustration

Group 3

Peace, Joy, Freedom

The 3rd group of people live their live in joy, peace and freedom. These group of people live with the peace of mind of knowing that, regardless whether they work or don’t work, they have income coming in from many, many sources called Passive income.

And they live in the best neighbourhood. Send their kids to the best school. They get to travel in some of the best places in the world. They get the best health care service, They live longer and they live life on their own terms.

Now, in order for you to move to the 3rd group of people who live the live of peace, joy and freedom, you need to have 3 things. You need: Time + Money + Security = FREEDOM. Having one or the other is not enough. What that mean basically is that, you can not be personally free unless you have: Time + $$ + Financial security = FREEDOM

Therefore, the key to your freedom is how to generate passive income for some of your effort put forward daily.

Our Goal Is To Help You Accomplish Your Financial Goals!

Do not let the following 4 factors stop you. We are here to help you work around it!

1. Lack of time

2. Lack of money

3. Lack of business skills

4. Lack of self believe


Are You Passionate About Helping people achieve and live their dreams?

We are developing core group of ongoing trainers and leaders who feel identified with our vision.

The vision is to create 1 millions+ dynamic team of aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about their personal & financial FREEDOM!