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Time Is Your Greatest Resource – (Use It Wisely)

In this video, I shared the 3 phases in our lives and how you can maximise those time you got to accomplish the maximum result in the time frame that you have.

Time is the greatest asset you have. Your time is literally your life. And you only have limited of it. It is critically important to know that time wasted can never be regain.

In this video, I shared the 3 phases in our lives and how you can maximise those time you got to accomplish the maximum result in the time frame that you have.

This is about awakening your conscious and creating urgency so you do not sit around wasting your time thinking you got all the time in the world.

You do not have all the time in the world. You need to be out there personally learning and growing and then quickly apply that knowledge you learn in creating the life you desire before you wake up in your retiring year at 60 and finding yourself in financial disaster.

Somebody said, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

So, you either pay the price for success now and play later or play now and pay later. Those are the 2 choices you got.

Unless you are born in a rich family where everything is being handed to you for free.

In my opinion, that is not success. You are still a baby that need to be fed.

Real men or real women go out and create their own success instead of calling daddy or mummy’s success their own.

Success been defined as “a progressive realisation of a worthwhile dream” according to one wise man.

So, do not forget that time is your greatest resource you have. So, use it wisely.

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Your friend in success 🙂

Mantist Oryem


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My core believe is:

“Everyone is meant to live a healthy, wealthy, prosperous and happy life.”

I’m Mantist Oryem, founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion.

My passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome their fears and build up their self confident to pursue their true passion and dreams.

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