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October 6, 2017
My Top 10 Quotes from Viktor Frankl
October 16, 2017

My Top 10 Quotes from Jean Houston for your inspiration.

Jean Houston (born 10 May 1937) is an American author involved in the “human potential movement.” Along with her husband, Robert Masters, she co-founded The Foundation for Mind Research. (source – Wikipedia)

Here is my selection of her quotes I considered my top 10 best.

jean Houstin

1. Change the story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world.

2. We compensate for what we don’t do internally by projecting and allowing our minds to be marinated in chronic fantasy.

3. No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

4. You are not a passive observer in the cosmos. The entire universe is expressing itself through you at this very moment.

5. If you keep telling the same sad small story. You will keep living the same sad small life.

6. We are the love, the lover, the loving, and the love. It is the Supreme. It is the deepest force in our lives.

7. We cannot embrace the New Mind by just sitting around and talking about it. It demands that we alter not just our thinking, but our way of living down to the smallest details.

8. Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with hope that they will bear vegetables and fruits and flowers, so must you attend to nourish the garden of your becoming.

9. Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference.

10. Engaging it produces an intense force, which in turn produces a mutation in consciousness. You become who you really are.

_ Jean Houston

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