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November 29, 2018
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December 6, 2018

My Top 10 Quotes from Vilayat Inayat Khan for your own personal growth and success.

Vilayat Inayat Khan was a teacher of meditation and of the traditions of the East Indian Chishti Order of Sufism. His teaching derived from the tradition of his father, Inayat, founder of The Sufi Order in the West, combined with western culture. (source – Wikipedia)

Here is my selection of her quotes I considered my top 10 best.

1. A perfect human being: Man in search of his ideal of perfection. Nothing less.
2. The future is not there waiting for us. We create it by the power of imagination.
3. The assumption of being merely individuals is our greatest limitation.
4. One must be aware that one is continually being tested in what one wishes most in order to make clear whether one’s heart is on earth or in heaven.
5. Dive deeply into the miracle of life and let the tips of your wings be burnt by the flame, let your feet be lacerated by the thorns, let your heart be stirred by human emotion, and let your soul be lifted beyond the earth.
6. The reason why we are disenchanted with ourselves is because we entertain in the depths of our psyche a kind of vision-an anticipated vision of what we could be if we would be what we might be.
7. We first have to find the way of freedom from involvement before we can introduce freedom in involvement.
8. The human spirit lives on creativity and dies in conformity and routine.
9. There are no limits to your understanding, only those that are due to trying to understand with the mind.
10. In dream consciousness we make things happen by wishing them, because we are not only the observer of what we experience but also the creator.

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