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March 26, 2018
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 What Is The Starting Point To Great Success?

Experience tells me that, there are 3 groups of people in our world.

The first group make things happen

The second group watch things happen

And the third group, have no idea what’s happening

And it all come down to one thing. PURPOSE!

The people with the clearest sense of purpose always make things happen.

These are the movers and shakers of our world.

The second group of people who watch things happen are the consumers of the things created by the first group.

And the third group of people have nothing going their ways.

They stop to take any control of their lives and just blames out side circumstances for the circumstances in their lives.

Just to point out, I have experienced each stages of the three groups.

And I prefer to be in the first group because I believe we are created to create and bring values.

Now, if you find yourself in the second and the third groups and you want to move from where you are into the first group, I recommend you read the book, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

This is a classic book.

In the book there’s a concept called, “The Golden Circle”.

The Golden Circle state that, the different between being great and becoming great and being average or mediocre is by understanding the principle behind the Golden Circle.

What the Golden Circle basically stating is that, everything that you intent to pursue, start with the why you want to pursue that activities.

Because when the why become clear, the how will become easier.

For in depth on this subject, I highly recommend you buy the book “Start With Why” and start recording.

Here is a link to my mentorship program I mentioned in the video 

Here is a link to “Start With Why” book on Amazon:

I wish you greater clarity and success in your life 🙂


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