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August 13, 2017
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August 21, 2017

“With self discipline almost anything is possible”
_Theodore Roosevelt

In the last two weeks, I have spend a considerable amount of time listening to Neuropsychology of Self Discipline audiobook.

Here are top 10 Characteristics Of Highly Self Discipline Achievers outline in the recording that is worth sharing. (source – Neuropsychology of Self Discipline)

Go here to get the audiobook plus study guide box

1. Strong & well define sense of purpose.

2. They seek out positive role modal for inspiration & learning.

3. They use sensory rich vision & a vivid imagination to set the stage for their own achievement.

4. They have a positive sense of self.

5. They have deep rooted believe in their own abilities to succeed.

6. They have the ability to plan & organise what they need done.

7. They know how & when to acquire essential knowledge & skills.

8. They have patient.

9. They persevere & persist.

10. They view work as pleasure because work is bringing them closer and closer to the realisation of their goals that would be their final rewards.

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